August 24, 2019 recap

Modura found Jiro. Jiro gets thrown out of bar. Hobo priest follows. Modura pays for hotel room to just be able to sleep the night… Capitulates to the two staying in the room as well. They find out about the four generals, named after wind directions. It is decided to follow the second clue of the four stanza riddle with ‘compass holds the key’ by trying to talk to one of the four winds. For some reason we decided on East Wind, the Witch, based on Modura having overheard something last time about ‘the witch’ being involved in where he was going when kidnapped. She is divination expert, greeted us by name when we snuck into her tower.

Sent on quest to get witch’s candle from ‘three sisters.’ Modura calls hags, totally were hags. Distracted with plant growth cookies into their garden, Priest(Quixen) sneaks in and out with three candles, hey, one is actually the right one, the only one that Modura wasn’t able to identify. with that handed to the East Wind, told to get on an airship in the morning. Stow away. Fail stealth miserably to get out. Jiro blows ALL his spell slots with smites on the first(and by far easiest) combat. Now in volcano, following mine tracks until… A bunch of genesai in forced labor by fire newts and a fire giant. Fight off newts and Giant, all spells exhausted between all three of us. Jiro has 5 hit points, Modura 12.

Rar more up above(Both genesai and fire newts/giants). Manage to sneak out the genesai, but one child runs towards where we were told dragon was… Modura follows. dragon was out, but child jumps into pool of lava with glowing thing. Modura tries to get the child, but child gone, glowing thing still below surface… Modura grabs for, finds not so hot, dives in to get and… Now has orange amulet. Get out of mines with fire newts hot on tail, get to airship, fend off the newts with skill challenges and fly off into the sunset.

From Kevin’s and Jason’s conversation on Facebook group.