December 19, 2020 recap

Modura and the assassin were eaten by the big dragon but tiny mouths biting them all over instead of stomach acid. It was not pleasant. Ruven did his best with his bow to give support but it was not enough.

Everyone had taken a good amount of damage (at half HP or less) and their spells were getting low. That was when the group noticed the lich that had been summoned from the smoking bottle was about to cast a spell. This could get messier than it already is.

Jemporary hit the dragon. He hits it really hard. The dragon splits into 6 smaller constellation dragons They swarms attack at 6 targets hitting them all. It then reforms back into the larger dragon and bigger attack Jiro attacked the dragon with all he had.

Rhom used eldritch blast on the assassin but an antimagic field stopped the force blasts. He realized that it was an antimagic field. The only one that knows of it.

“The lich is probably fake!” yelled Rhom

The dragon attacked Jiro and Jemporary with all of its attacks and everyone of them hit.

Ruven attacked the assassin but was not able to do much to it.

The assassin ran to the forcecage and released the monk from it.

Modura slips closer to death

Gary dimension doored to Modura and healed him

Shanasita chased Siren as fast as she could at top flying speed.

All of the tiny faerie dragons began chanting, “play with us, play with us play with us” Pollen from the mushrooms brings out hundreds of more dragons and dozens of copies of the group as well. An illusion pollen? Everyone seemed to be effected by the pollen

The Aqua Dragon reverses gravity Rhom, Ruven, Gary, Mitsune are anchored but the others rose up into the air. Ruven cast silence but it doesn’t do much of anything.

Ruven then let go and floated up to Modura and cast healing word on him.

Gary casts Blight and damaged the dragon and the mushrooms.

Shanasita looked more for Siren but she could not find her.

More dragons appeared from the mushrooms and the swarm grew even larger.

Modura cast Fly Diana is floating and she cast flame strike the dragon

Jiro hits the dragon hard once more.

Everyone falls after the dragon releases it the Reverse Gravity spell.

Mitsune chopped a large mushroom so it floated up and become a cushion for those that were falling.

Rhom casts Feeblmind and it effects one dragon.

Dragon attacks Mitsune, swallowing her. Mitsune attacks from the “inside”.

Gary and Jemporary are attacked with the full strength of the tiny dragon mass.

The Aqua dragon cast Disco Ball and landed faerie fire on Jemp, Gary and Diana

Modura cast fireball doing a lot of damage.

Diana cast holy aura and gave her allies within 30 feet of her have advantage on saves while their attackers were at disadvantage. This will affect Ruven, Jiro, Rhom, and Gary.

At the end of Diana’s turn, the dragon used it wheel of dragons ability. Mitsune hit the dragon hard and exploded out from the chest of dragon. Jemp attacked the dragon hittin with several stunning strikes but it does not effect the dragon as a whole.

Jiro attacks the dragon once more

The dragon reacted and became a dragonado hitting jemp jiro and mitsune.

Rhom marked the dragon and then cast eldritch blast for a good amount of damage.

The dragon swarm moveed forward and said once more “}lets play with them” It bit Rhom and swiped at Diana and Ruvan It gobbled up Rhom and hit Ruven and Diana.

Ruven cast guiding bolt but missed.

Gary heals Modura again

Shanasita does not see Siren nor anyone else. She comes back towards the main battle and selected 4 spots in the underbrush at random near where the monk had been. She cast meteor swarm causing fire and bludgeoning damage. She was not sure if she hit anyone. The dragon does not like the fire. The tiny dragons said “drink with us.” Pools of water, swirling at their feet causing different effects for each one targeted, hot water, ice water, blindness and acid water.

Modura cast scorching ray

Diana healed everyone

Mitsune was blinded but she moved towards the dragon and did not step in any pools.

Jemp stood up, ran and then punched the dragon

Jiro follows with attacks of his own.

Rhom cast relentless hex and teleported to the feet of the dragon. The dragon looked down and bit Rhom

It then attacked Diana and Jemp

Ruven missed again

Gary healed

Shanasita cast Distentigrate causeing a gaping hole where hundres of dragons once were. Then the gap closed.

“dance with us” and Shanasita, Jemp, Mitsune, Diana, and Ruven were effected by Faerie Fire

Modura runs up and smacks the dragon with his warhammer.

Dragon sent waves to damage people causing much bludgeoning damage.

Diana waited until Rhom took his action.

Mitsune hit the dragon with several more really damaging attacks.

Jemp missed the dragon 4 times

Jiro hit the dragon hard. He impaled almost a dozen of the small dragons on his rapier.

Dragonnado! Everyone was damaged and thrown 50ft in random directions.

Diana holds aloft the holy symbol and for a moment there are spectral outlines of raven wings sprouting from her back, her eyes go solid black and its almost as if she is crying blood. “Rhom, do it now!” (channel divinity….vulnerablitiy on the dragon) Rhom got up, races towards the dragon, using relentless hex to close into melee range

Rhom swung sword of Sulis. The sword erupts in light (eldritch smite) as it hit the dragon hard.

The dragon attacked Rhom immediately.

Ruven finally hit.

Gary hit with banishing smite and dropped the dragon and the few remaining dragons burst into a glitter bomb.

They saw the glowing aqua amulet! They are all very sleepy from the glitter and soon they were all asleep. They woke on a hill, fully rested.

Jemporary has the aqua amulet.

Jiro is still a tree.

Ruven noticed that on one of Rhom’s horns was a little blue fairy dragon - It was wrapped around his left horn.

Rhom reached up and petted it lightly You good up there? The faerie dragon snored contently.

That was when they noticed Diana was not there!

Shanasita said that the assassin was someone other than the South Wind, the main assassin of the Queen of of Ember. That was Avarice the leader of the Thieves’ Guild in Ember and Whitestone.

But what happened to Diana? How did she, the twins, Avarice and Siren get in with us? Had it been really them or some effect that the dragon had created?

Rhom tried to contact Diana telepathically with his amulet but he got no response. As it was early morning, she may still had been asleep.

They all activate their amulets and call their dragonmechs. They took to the skies to try to find Diana as the sun rises.