December 2018 recap

Joined the Wild Card Guild Inn – top floor, bed area. Room and board, minimal alcohol. Rena 1st side quest - Kerk the Baker – oven weird noise, elemental fire. 15gp, bakers’ dozen croissants 2nd side quest – marriage 3 days ago, lord’s brother send a pleasant present, Crawford Estates. Animated armor, helmed horror or an invisible stalker – something like these 3rd quest – Turg, bar owner. Wants his rats eliminated.

Dragon golem guardians, heartstones, to be defenders of the city, copies of metallic dragons.

Darius – ancient civilization, abandoned temple in the Everclear Swamp. Balthazar and Darko two mages working on the guardians. Look for more information on the dragons and the heartstones. Look for pottery, scroll work. Dragon golems. Town of Ember, hired thugs. 1 alarm spells. Missing guild members, male cleric, female barbarian, half elf male bard. Find the guild members and bring back any information on the dragon guardians technology as you can. Everclear swamp – bustling city 1000 years ago. Now it has all been flooded. 4 story temple, many lizardmen. Dragons, many different colors on murals, Humans seen worshiping the dragons on these murals Scrap of cloth from an old banner Lord Alistair – leader of the city of Whitestone, a paladin