December 21, 2019 recap

Rhom awoke to the sounds of battle. The Yellow Temple was being attacked. He rose quickly to join the fighting but as he got out of bed he realized he was not alone in his room.

“You have finally woken” said a familiar voice. “You finally revealed yourself after all this time.”

“I had to put on the dragon knight amulet in order to save the world. Father. I really had no choice.”

Rhom’s father walked over to where the amulet of non-detection laid on the table. He picked it up and crushed it in his hand. “Just so that never happens again. Come, it is time we fought.”

The room disappeared and they were suddenly in a field surrounded by pink unicorns. Rhom was confused and asked “why here? Could we not do this some place more appropriate.” Rhom’s father said “So be it” and immediately they were in a more appropriate hellscape. Rhom’s father attacked mercilessly. Rhom gave it all he had but he knew that he could not defeat his father, not yet at least. Rhom said “If you kill me Theorn will not be killed. Is that not what you want?”

“Oh, he will die whether but I want him to continue on in the afterlife.”

“Do you not get it, he has no afterlife and will never have an afterlife. He keeps returning to do the bidding of his god whether he wants to or not. I will kill him but it needs to be that his suffering will end and he does not continue to be revived for all eternity.”

Rhom’s father continued to blast him over and over. Rhom stopped his attacks and gave no more defense. Rhom’s father went in for the final hit…


Mitsune awoke to the sounds of battle. The Yellow Temple was being attacked. She could hear horns blaring and reinforcements being called for. She picked up her greataxe to join the battle when she heard a voice:

“You have something that belongs to me. I assume we will end up fighting for it but I am willing to allow you to surrender now and hand over the axe.” It was Takata, the rakshasha that the group had encountered several times over the past weeks and months. Yet, Mitsune had never had the pleasure of meeting him. She would not release the axe. She was ready for the fight to begin but Takata said “No, not until you are ready. Get on your armor and then we will go to a better venue than this small cubicle/bedroom.”

They walked out of the cubicle and down the hall. The sounds of battle were getting louder. Mitsune noticed that Takata was not around. She saw a door down the passageway and went to towards it. She opened it and found herself in a large ballroom surrounded by many pairs of upper crust citizens dancing to the music provided by a band or orchestra that seemed to be just out of sight. She was not in her armor and did not have the axe. She was in a ballroom gown and she felt really out of place.

Tataka approached. He was in a tuxedo. They began to dance. The dance soon turned into a slug-fest. They were hitting each other with all they had. The other dancing couples did not seem to mind that this boxing match was going on. Suddenly, they were separated and Mitsune bumped into another couple and the man took her into his arms. They began to swirl around the dance floor. The man felt a tap on his shoulder. It was Tataka “Do you mind if I cut in?” And their dance/combat continued.

Mitsune kept hitting Tataka over and over. Slowly “pieces” fell away from Tataka. He started to look less and less like a man and more and more like a giant bi-pedal cat with inverted paws. Mitsune was having none of this and she continued to beat on Tataka until he fell, fully transformed back into his original rakshasha form. Mitsune walked over to his body but decided not to give the killing blow. She reached down to give him a hand to pull him up….


Ruven awoke to the sounds of battle. The Yellow Temple was being attacked. He heard footsteps out in the hallway. Lots of them. He picked up his shortsword and his new shield but felt like it would take too long to put on his scale mail so he rushed out into the hall. he looked to the left and saw nothing but looking to his right he saw a solider dressed in the same armor as he saw the large armies that had gathered outside Ember had been wearing. He shouted at the solider and ran towards him to attack. The solider turned around and it was one of the guards that he, Modura and his wife had tricked in order to save the unicorn. Ruven said I should have killed you.” The solider said. If you do there are many more of me. We have almost taken this temple. You and your friends will be destroyed.” Ruven continued forward and swung getting a good attack in but the solider hit harder. Ruven hit more times but the solider was doing more damage. Ruven was about to take another swing when suddenly Misako, his wife, appeared and pushed him out of the way of the soldier’s attack then grabbed him and pulled him down the passageway. Ruven said “I had him. This time.” Misako said “There is no time. The temple has fallen. Let us get out of here while we can. Ruven said no, I need to stay here and help my friends save the world from destruction. She said why? Ruven showed her the amulet. Her eyes got really big and she said “Wow. Is that what I think it is? Let us escape out the front door. I know we can get at least 1 million gold for it. We will be rich!

No, Ruven said again. I am sorry. I must stay and fight. Misako said Well, so be it and she ran off towards the front entrance of the temple. Ruven turned around and saw the solider walking toward him ready to swing his sword in another attack. Ruven had to place this next attack just right so the soldier would not get back up. He measured and made his attack…


In unison, Rhom, Mitsune and Ruven awoke. They found themselves in the ritual circles that had been created. Each with a different voice in their heads or was it from the Dragon Knight Amulet they each wore: “Congratulations. You have passed the tests and have been deemed worthy to use the powers within the amulet you wear.”

(I am not sure who all was at the session on December 14 so I did include their names above)

Everyone gathered for a great feast to celebrate and to plan what their next moves would be. After the feast, each person with an amulet test drove their dragonmecha. They found that over time, the dragons would learn aspects of the attuned person’s class and perhaps racial abilities.

Modura was approached by leaders of the genasi. They wanted to do a ritual to see exactly who Modura was related to, if he was part of this tribe or a member of one of the others. Modura agreed. It did not take long to do the ritual. All signs pointed to that Zarah, the leader of the genasi who had been forced to help release Vermathax down below Whitestone. Zarah who had been one of the ritual casters did not believe what was shown and she walked away. Seeba, Modura’s aunt, said to give her time. She had longed believed that her son had perished with his father. They had found remains of what they thought was both her husband and her son. She would need time to process things to come to terms with this knowledge.

With access to the yellow dragonmecha, they could now find the yellow dragon’s treasure hoard. With some tunneling they soon found it. The treasure consisted of:

11 chunks of amber worth 100gp each

potion of fire breath

spell scroll of lesser restoration

spell scroll of phantasmal force

potion of hill giant strength

potion of greater healing

dust of sneezing and coughing





The group decided to go by the Pit to pick up extra supplies and to see how Misako was running this. Misako welcomed them and let them see the books. She had the place down to a science and the Pit was making much larger profits than before. Ruven and Misako had a really long private conversation on how to run the Pit and how to possibly expand towards Whitestone. Ember was easy to get folks to come. But even Whitestone residents needed entertainment such as what is offered at the Pit. Several hours later, they were finished and after a short discussion, the group decided to see about retrieving the Blue Dragon Knight Amulet. They knew it was above the land, on a floating island of some sort. The amulets th wore would lead them to their destination.

They entered their dragonmecha and flew to just below the floating island was located. Ruven cast Leomund’s Tiny Hut and they rested before heading up to the floating island the next morning.

The woke and flew up to the island. They saw a dock of some kind but the dragons were too large to go much further past a large gate. They powered down their dragons into the amulets and moved down a simple path marked by stones on either side. Wide stairs led up to the gate. Beyond the gate they saw a large mountain surrounded by rocky terrain. (Think Himalayas) At the base of the mountain was a large Buddhist style temple. The path continued toward the temple. On either side were well tended minimalist gardens including sand boxes and stones. They was something tingly about the air. It was static. They continued to follow the path. They could hear the sound of water. The path continued to a series of floating platforms leading up to a another floating island. They would have to jump to each platform. As they were jumping, air elementals attacked them. About half group fell at some point. Each used their dragonmecha amulets to fly back to the beginning of the path. Eventually everyone was across the gap. Rhom just used Dimension Door to take him and Dianna across the gap. They then assisted the other as they jumped and fought the air elementals.

They reached the next level and saw another stone path leading through another large gate. On the other side of the island was a good sized two story house surrounded by more well trimmed gardens. On four of the gate pegs stood four figures. They looked like avian humanoids. They were wearing leather jerkins and loose fitting pants. They each stood on one leg, crane style on one gate peg each. Their arms had feathered wings attached, their hands were talons. The feathers were muted browns. They were perhaps monks or at least monk types.

Rhom approached and jumped on one of the pegs near one of the bird monks hoping to find a way to communicate with these “birdmen”. The monk bowed and Rhom bowed back. The monk then attacked with a series of punches that gave fist damage as well as attempted to stun their targets. It took awhile but soon all of the bird monks were defeated.

The group checked out the two story house. They were hesitant to go inside. There was no door and they could see an open floor plan at least on the first floor with a set of stairs leading up to the second floor. Ruven entered and a loud bell sounded. He had forgot to check for traps. Suddenly 9 more bird monks appeared out in the gardens and ran towards the party. They were not wanting to fight again so soon but there was little choice. They went into the house and up the stairs. The corridor ended with a window. This was straight corridor that could lend to fighting the group in one long line. They did know that on the other side of the paper walls were rooms. The bird monks filled those rooms on either side and began punching through the paper walls. The fight did not last as long but the group took more damage than they would have liked. Part of the building with Jemporary and Mitsune collapsed taking them and their bird monk combatants with them. Ruven, Rhom and Dianna attacked the other side and soon all were defeated. The group ran out of the house and saw more bird monks on the horizon. The group leaped off the platform and called their dragonmecha to them and they all flew down to the ground below. Ruven cast Leomund’s Tiny Hut and they healed up and rested and then talked about how to better go about dealing with the Blue Island and its defenders.