February 2019 recap

Yellow Temple and Arcada

Many colored dragons also found on tapestries in the monastery/temple “Yellow Temple”

Yellow (paladin), red, aqua (druid), black, pink (bard), blue (monk), orange (rogue, only trapped room), purple, steel gray, green, white (cleric) – found rooms with these color doors on the second floor of the temple/monastery. Possibly tied to classes, see above.

Arcada – small town/village near The Yellow Temple – destroyed 20-30 years ago. Well poisoned. Dagger of Venom found in it. Now water is clearing up. Found doll that looked like Kevin’s character Madura, dark red skin and orange hair – at a dinner he was told he was a genasi – none of us had ever heard of the term. Was at the dinner he received a crude map leading us to Arcada and the Yellow Temple.

Altar to the god of knowledge – where Tataka’s horses were kept. We fed and groomed them.

Dragons – wearing the symbols on the tapestry in the Yellow Temple we found in the Swamp Ruins.

Maps found in Yellow Temple label the area surrounding – Yellow Temple and Arcada. Swamp area not labeled, Whitestone not labeled. Other places not recognized.

Desecrated altar – was to a good god but now has symbols of a bad god.

Yellow door had a Prayer Book to Suulus, a good god, god of death

Dragon – came out of the canyon walls, nothing but teeth. Chewed 3-4 soldiers, not at once but over time

Tataka Mareesh – large human, black armor – hired us to help defeat a mummy lord who has a magical axe he wants. He will pay us 20% of the treasure that the mummy lord has, higher than what he is paying the soldiers he currently has employed. If it is found that the treasure is not up to what we think it will be, he will pay us from his own money. If we survive. He also paid us 6gp each upfront for our burials in case we die. He only wants the magical axe. The group think he is evil but no way of knowing

Wooden block on a spike in the middle of a room

+1 Warhammer, does extra 1d8 lighting damage – Madura

Mummy dogs, lots of mummies and elementals in the monastery/temple