January 18, 2020 recap

They landed their dragonmecha at the place they had camped the night before. Ruven cast Leomund’s Tiny Hut and they all entered to rest and make plans on how to go about getting passed the bird ninjas. Modura after hearing the others describe the bird ninjas, said that he thought they reminded him naturists that looked to a metaphysical philosophy rather than worship some deity. These bird men may also be some kind of kenku variant but it was one that no one had ever seen or heard of. After going over all of their options, they decided to use the Stealth option with Ruven casting Pass without a trace. This would allow them to be sneaky and hopefully bypass the bird ninjas and get them higher onto the floating island complex.

The followed the winding path passed the building that they encountered the bird men in. They did not see any of them this time. They followed the path up into the clouds to the next island. At the far end of this island they saw a larger building, perhaps a temple. It was 5 stories tall. Every so often a bolt of lightning came out of the dark circling clouds above the building and struck the highest point.

They stealthed over to the temple. Ruven found and disabled an alarm. They entered an empty room through a double door sized opening. Beyond the open area they saw a hallway that seemed to curve around the center room. They followed the hallway and it led to an indoor stone garden made up of rocks and sand. In the middle of the garden was an altar of some sort. The altar was metal, perhaps iron. There were two pools of water near the altar, to the southwest and to the northeast. The group was sure that this is where the lightning strikes were going. Perhaps the lightning powered the gate that led to where the blue amulet was hidden. They looked for any markings on the altar but it held none. As they were leaving, Ruven spotted a button on the underside lip on the side of the altar. Rhom pushed it. Nothing happened. He realized that he needed to push the button after the lightning had struck it. He braced himself and the others moved somewhat out of the room. The lightning strikes the altar and Rhom pushes the button. The altar slowly moves back revealing a hold beneath. They could see a metal staircase spiraling down.

They followed the stairs down. The tunnel was not very wide. They had to go single file. Jiro slipped several times as did Ruven. They get to the bottom and they found themselves standing on sand. They can hear water but everything is dark. They soon realize they are on an island. Modura asked Diana to cast Light on a coin. He skips it across the water and finds a cavern wall. Rhom started firing Eldritch Blasts to see what is around them. He finds the following to the South is a wall, to the North is a wall, to the northeast is a tunnel, to the northwest is a beach with a rock hill leading up to another tunnel, this one smaller than the first tunnel to the northeast. They decided to go to the northwest and take the smaller tunnel. But how to get there.

Shanasita said that she could go scout things out. Celestial wings sprouted from her back and she took off towards the beach and smaller tunnel. She did not see anything else. She called for the others to come. Rhom Dimension Doored himself and Diana across the water. Jemporary ran across the water while Modura, Ruven and Jiro swam across. Rhom had his grappling hook ready in case anyone had trouble swimming. Ruven needed to be reeled in. They followed the tunnel. As they moved forward their amulets began to glow and become agitated. They were getting close. They came into a large cavern that had gravel on the floor. In the middle of the floor sitting on a rock was a large owl, the size of a human. (cannot remember who walked over to the owl) They asked the owl who it was. The only said “Me? I’m a distraction” and it flew off towards the large blue dragon to the east. It was made of pure energy and it was moving to attack.

A lightning bolt lit up the room. They could see where the electricity charged the walls. When they tried to cast spells, the charged air got in the way of casting. They noticed that when the lightning struck it would cause a different effect in the large room. One allowed the dragon to become powerful and jump across the battle field. It did this several times to line up the group in its lightning breath line. Rhom dealt the dragon a lot of damage early on so the dragon focused most of its attacks on Rhom. Jiro and Jemporary gave steady attacks with Jemporary seldom missing but doing little damage each time and Jiro seldom hitting but when he did he gave large amounts of damage with his divine smites. Modura used magic and his mace to attack the dragon. He turned off the electrical charge to it but he still hit a good number of times. Shanasita used her magic and the Staff of the Magi to cast offensive spells and then provided healing. Ruven mainly used his longbow to attack with positioning his familiar so he could gain advantage with his attacks. He also tried a few spells but they never really connected. He then supplied healings to Rhom, Jiro and Jemporary as they stayed on or near the front lines of attack against the dragon. The lightning effects included pushing or pulling targets around the battlefield either closer or further away from the dragon, recharging its breath weapon or healing the dragon. (Cannot remember if there were anymore) The dragon gave many tail slaps to Jiro, Jemporary and Rhom. Diana stayed in the center of the battle casting healing and utility spells. With a final blow, the dragon exploded pushing everyone 20ft from their positions. (Let me know if I left anything out)

Once the dragon was defeated, they saw two tunnels one to the northeast and one to the west. Going to the west they found another large room. As soon as they stepped in they felt air currents. Doing a quick search they found a dragon sized hole leading to the outside. In that room were three metal columns. They realized this is where the dragon fed and that if they had encountered the dragon in this room, the fight would have been much worse. Another tunnel led back to the lake. They went down the northeast tunnel and found the dragon’s treasure area. In the middle of the room on the pedestal was the blue amulet. (Which one of Ty’s characters ended up with it?) The treasure hoard included:

8 opals worth 1000gp each

a scroll of Wall of Ice

a container of Sovereign glue

+1 long sword

a cape of the mountebank

a staff of charming



They decided to see about purchasing magic items. They would head first to see Misako at the Pit, then to Whitestone and the Wild Cards Guild hall to see what items they could find and purchase. They then would disguise themselves and see about getting in touch with Alistair to tell him about the threat of war coming from Ember.