January 2019 recap

Swamp Ruins

Lizard men – led by green dragon Asida

Kobra (spelled wrong I think) – an ancient god

Lizard men capturing folks to feed to the green dragon. Sent to swamp ruins to find 3 guildmates, a bard, a cleric and a barbarian. Ruven was captured and put in jail, found the 3 guildemates in jail. Broke out of the jail with them and went back to the group to see the rest of the group captured. With the help of Ted’s cleric they broke back into the jail. Fought more lizard men, then went looking for the barbarian who had been taken to the green dragon. Defeated the green dragon, rescued the barbarian, found a hidden passage that had an arcane rune on an arch. Went through the portal and found a green gem amulet which was the one Ted’s god (Pooka) had told him to find. Murals and belt buckles with information about the dragons that Darius was asking about. Symbol also found on a column near the green dragon. Holding the belt buckle up to it the secret door opened and we saw the area inside.

Many colored dragons have been seen on murals in the Swamp ruins. Yellow, red, green, white, blue black (chromatic dragons)