January 30, 2021 Sidebar

Rhom finally caught up with Rina outside of town where the cliffs of white stone had been the inspiration for the towns name. She seemed to be fiddling with the amulet the heroes had traded her for the secret of her most powerful spell. Seeing Rhom approach, she pocketed the artifact and tosses a scroll to him. “Read and memorize.”

Rhom unrolled the vellum scroll and the magical language hit his eyes like a hammer. The incantation would not hold still, the words were squirming as if alive across the page. He focused but despite his power or skill as a caster he could not will the letters to be still. “I can’t read this,” he finally said.

“Because you can’t learn the spell. Well, I take it back…you can’t learn it like a wizard. We’ll have to do this the hard way.” She rolls up her sleeves. “Do you know what powers the Dragon Slave? It’s a bridge between myself and a power as old as time, the primordial chaos before creation. Its a power you can’t tap since you serve a godess now and powers don’t share servants.”

Rhom sat down on a rock, “Then how do I cast the spell at all then? Sulis isn’t the type to hand out destructive power to her mortal weapon on that scale.”

Rina drew a circle on the ground, filling the edges with runes as she went. “We cheat the system. You used to be the vessel of your father’s power, but you closed that off. Now you channel the power of life through your blade and body. Your body is used to being a conduit for quintessence, that makes this possible. Stand here.”

Rhom stood in the circle she had prepared and she took his hands and held them in front of him, the bottoms of his hands touching and his fingers curling as if he were holding an invisible ball. “Focus…just channel power into your hands like you were casting that eldritch blast spell but don’t cast anything. Just push power into your palms…keep doing it.”

Rhom shut his eyes, focusing on feeding magical energy into his arms.. into his hands…gathering unshaped pure magic into the space between his palms. It started to tingle, then burn, as raw unshaped magic abhors being forced into reality without form. He could feel his fingers blistering and his arms buckle as the power tried to force shape and direction from him and he held it back denying it.

Rina whispered the incantation into his ears, “The words are not important, the intent is. Never speak the true incantation aloud, speak it in your mind. Give it your own voice so no one else can learn the spell from you unless they earn it.”

Rhom could feel muscles tearing in his arms as the magic tried to ground itself by flowing back into his body…bones threatening to crack if the power was not released or channeled. The stone under his feet broke and shattered as the magic started to warp the physical laws of the universe around him, large pieces of rock floating up around him. He spread his wings wide as the draconian blood given to him by Theorne flared and lightning arced violently around him.

“Do it now! Cast the spell!”

Rhom opened his eyes, pools of lightning and flame replacing his normal blue green eyes.

“Power beyond the dawn

from birth to death it flows,

Beyond the sands of time

is where your power grows,

I pledge myself to destroy

all the evil that stands

Before the holy might bestowed,

in my unworthy hands


A raw beam of pure radiance lances out towards the cliff face and erupts into a cataclysmic ball of fire and thunderous noise as the stone was vaporized by the spell…a massive hollow spherical shape now occupied where the stone stood moments before.

Rina, being ready, suddenly brought out a bucket of water and sat it in front of Rhom as he collapsed to his knees crying out in agony as his arms steamed from the sheer amount of energy he had just channeled through them. He shoved his hands into the water which instantly started to bubble and boil. She took another bucket and poured it over him, the water evaporating instantly. “Easy, kid, the first casting is always the worst. Mortal bodies weren’t built to handle that. It’s always gonna hurt, but never as bad as the first one.”

Rhom looked up at her, blood dripping down his chin where he had bitten his lip from the pain. “Could have warned me…” “And if I had you’d be focused on preparing for the pain and not on the spell. Lose control over that magic and you’ll blow yourself and your allies apart. Now, just so you know, once unleashed it can’t be deterred, ally or enemy alike it will destroy. Make sure you know exactly what you’re aiming at.”

She helps him up. “Now, I’m gonna go play with my new trinket here…”

She returns to town as Rhom studies his hands and arms, healing himself with Sulis’s gifts before heading back to join with his allies.