January 30, 2021 recap

Look for Diana Give Rina the amulet Stop the war

The forest is eerily quiet. No birds or insects The Small dragon on Rhom’s shoulder says that it must be Mitsune’s smell. Be nice say Rhom. There is the smell of anger and bad weather. Animals are highly sensitive to both No tracks for our own. But there is a bad smell. There is something foul on the wind. It is the smell if rotting flesh The trees here are very thick so not able to use the dragonmechs and fly up to check things out. Then we hear the sound of shuffling as leaves are being pushed aside.


Gary said that this was just a guess but it might be part of the advancing army, given they have liches in there. The group decided to head back to Whitestone. It is not long before they can see smoke and the rest of the army Whitestone has even more defenses now including soldiers, baby mechanical dragons. The city is prep mode for the coming war.

Shanasita: You’re willing to leave Diana with them?

Rhom: It’s either that or I go knight mode in the dragon and start blasting and slashing away till I find her.

Rhom and Mistune will head to the guild to meet with Rina to trade the amulet for the Dragon Slave spell Ruven, Modura, Jemporary and Jiro go to temple of knowledge to find Father Slushie to ask about a Locate Person or Locate Object spell. Shanasita heads to the Temple of Sulus to see if she can learn about where she received her powers from.


Mitsune and Rhom - Coffee is sleeping outside the guild which is normal for him. Cat is on his shoulder. After a brief conversation Coffee lets them in to see Rina. The cat and mini dragon growled at each other as Rhom walked by. The guild is hunkered down. They are ready for a siege

Wait…this place repairs itself, why barracade anything? The barricades may lead the army to think there is something worth having in the guild hall and then they enter and BAM. We got them.

I worry about you people Malibu is in a corner sharpening a sword with a big grin.

Gary is there and they ask him where is Rina.

She is meeting with Alistar and the war council. But I am having the real decision here. I do not know if I want fried chicken or pickles.

Leave the chickens alone said Rhom

Are they meeting at the palace? - No it is at the magic school / library.

(That’s in character, isn’t? Someone’s correcting him - yeah pretty much)

Rina returns as they are leaving. What excuse did you use to get out of the meeting Wait that was fast - Well, that’s me… Arm wrestle to be sure it is you Bring it stick man Rina is much stronger than you remember her… Witch sight tells him nothing Stronger Rina with huskier voice – Is it her?

She starts laughing at them all. I had you fooled. Didn’t think I could do it.

It was Carla the disguise artist, not Rina She hands the amulet back to Rhom. He noticed then that she was wearing stilted boots. After a bit more small talk they head to the meeting to speak with Rina.

At the Slushie Temple – Find Father Slushie. We Cannot locate Diana. Father Slushie meditates for a minute and then say she is not within the city. Modura and Ruven discuss whether to go to the palace or go to the mage school to see if she is at either place

Shanasita heads to the Temple of Sulus to talk to head priest about where she may have receieved powers.

The word on the street is that Ember is going to arrive tomorrow. She sees that the Temple is even busier than several days ago and she decides to leave.

The group meets up and they all head to the Wizard’s School specifically the library. There is a large crowd of leaders of the city and many soldiers.

They are stopped by the guard. No one can enter since there is war council going on.

We are Alistair ‘s dragon knight pilots.

Wow! Can we have your autographs? Everyone agrees and they sign many autographs to the soldiers. It takes several minutes but then they pass through the guards into the room where the meeting is taking place with many of the city’s high ranking officials. Among the dignitaries there were and Zara and even Misako and representatives from the Wrangledeep elves.

“Suck in your guts people, look professional”

Alistair was speaking giving an Independence Day type of speech. His shoulder is draped with a cloak or cape. After the speech they find Zara who is not happy. We cannot have war. The group looks around for Diana They see Rina. She has 20 empty plates in front of her. That is definitely her. Oh hey, Rhom. Have something for me? Yes, but we don’t have time to wait to see if it likes you. I need that spell now.

She sees Okay. Meet me at the cliffs and I will show you the spell. We will need a lot of space. M: By the way…. We should ask Alastair how Diana is doing….

Alastair is being escorted out the back. The group asks to speak with him. He nods to allow us to follow Alastair sits down and removes his cape Left arm is completely stone I take it we’ve only bought time?

The spells are only slowing it down It is a powerful curse that was used on that dagger.

Rhom said There’s always a way to undo a curse, we’re going to have to….Wait…could the pool of sulis undo this if the guardian would allow it? Sulus is the goddess of Life and Healing

Modura: We don’t have time to do that, I don’t think. And… I’m not sure the guardian would allow it.

Rhom First, have you seen your daughter? We can’t contact her.

Last I saw of her she was going to find something to fix this. Have not seen her since.

She left on her own? Foolish at a time like this. Maybe she did go to the pool of Sulus?

It is possible. It cleansed the curse off my sword.

But how would it help her? She’s a devotee to Boron Mal, not Sulus.

Interdisciplanary magic perhaps?

Alistair is a paladin of Sulis. So there is a connection of sorts.

Modura: And possibly holy water. So she may have gone there or she went to the Yellow Temple to see what was in that library, but I doubt that.

Alistair said that she was talking with Zara. Ask her. She may know. It’s our only lead at all. Do we have the time? Let me calculate the flight times… Oh? Okay, I’ll go see her. Rhom - Before I leave though, I will tell Alistair what we saw Disturb by what he hears.

He knew of the nndead coming through the forest moving slowly out of the sunlight. There are many mercernaries in the army from Ember

Ruven asks Misako why she was there. She had come to council to see about permission to legalize access to the arena for the people of Whitestone in exchange for some of her gladiators to aid Whitestone. The negotiations are going well.

Rhom goes to meet with Rina while Modura and Ruven head to find Zara

Jiro is still a tree. Several elven head hunters walk passed him and they don’t take a second look

Rhom – montage with Rina

Modur and Ruven speak with Zara. She said Fools, they are all fools. We must not have this war and have the blood spill to give more power to the evil dragon god.

And no the Cursed dagger cannot be countered. My spells only delay his arm turning to stone. Diana would not rest until she found the source of the dagger.

The assassins.

Modura: I’m sorry, I’m not very good at convincing people of things.

Modura: “I thought she was smarter than that…”

Modura : “But that… lines up with her being captured, that’s for sure.”

Ruven said Or she was captured on purpose, but that brings is back to how to get her back.”

Modura: “We need to attempt some scrying… No, I think they’re in the army.”

“We need to attempt some scrying… No, I think they’re in the army.”

Messenger arrives for Zara – Corran and Griffon are here.

Freeing the city from within the dragon. Coran was looking for information on ways to do that. Let us go talk with Coran about what they have found

Are there any diviners you trust? Zara: Yes, go see these folks in the Wizard’s School

Head to the scryer, get the scrying started and then go see Corrin and Griffon about Vermathax

At least talk to the scryer first

They did not located her. They said of course it would be easier for the scryer if Rhom were there. He probably has something of hers. A strand of her hair was ideal.

Rina and Dragonslave for Rhom

9th level 1 action V,S

24d6 fire damage 24d6 thunder damage on a failed save Take half if successful flung 60ft even if make save they are still flung All nonmagical items destroyed Cannot protect allies from its damage.

Diviners to see about scrying – She cannot detect her. She may have an object to help with the scrying. We may return.

Modura sends to Rhom:: Hey, if you have something of Diana’s, we may need it for a second scry attempt.

Now to see if I can find a way to draw the life energy out of the dragon to re-channel it as a weapon to punish him for holding them outside the wheel of life and death

Rhom: Yeah, she makes me carry her stuff, I have some of her things

Modura: Has she given you a lock of her hair, per chance? Wait, maybe some on a comb of hers?

Rhom: I may have her brush in her bag of holding, I don’t really look in there…like opening a woman’s purse

Modura: Also, from the sounds of the explosions, are you done yet? Corrin and Griffon are in town. They may have an idea on using the city inside against him.

I have the spell yeah. It has got one hell of a kick to it

Carron and Griffon are at a tavern not too far away. They see that Whitestone is preparing for the end of the world as you they know it.

At the tavern/inn they find single rooms are in heavy demand.

They group is welcomed in.

Griffon does not say anything but grunts and nods.

Zara said you all might have some info on tactics against Vermathax

Corrin and Griffon – with Modura and Jiro or Jemporary. She is the second cleric used for theattunements of the amulet Window celebration - Griffon had been a ghost in ghost touch armor when Modura first met him and Corrin.

Corrin had found a way to have all of the ouls released from underneath the city… A way of opening up the temporal and spirit world with a series of rituals to release those souls What would the focus be on something that strong? 24 hours We do not necessarily need to be inside the dragon But a weak spot already known that could be used.

The way we entered last time is an option. It was near that farm a ways outside the city.

Focus on the ritual and not feeding on the blood from the outside. It could at least make him weaker

We pop the balloon and free the life energy.

We have too many fronts. We have to drain the dragon, halt the army advance and find Diana.

I want to make that dragon small enough to dragon slave him

Some folks could go to diviners and get the scry while others go to the dragon well area for the ritual

That’s an extradimensional space and scrying only works on this realm?

Possible to keep us from attacking?

That was the fey dragon, so alice in wonderland feel is fair and you are not entirely sure… it defied known logic

We must keep the blood from flowing. Let us start the ritual. We do not have much time to waste.

Leave the inn and then get into the dragons. The group draws a crowd when they summon the mechanical dragons.

They flew to the farm and Jiro finds the entrance and then the others follow Can we use the Sword of Sulus to focus the puncture?

We could channel life through a blade of life.

You can, but would only be involved with the ritual and could not do anything else.

It won’t be necessary unless you want to be part of it.

Rhom I wasn’t sure if it would make it easier

Otherwise you can guard, do other things, etc

Maybe, but not needed, unless you want to. It would just mean that when anything happens during that time, you would be doing ritual things.

I’ll guard and do whatnot then

Vermathax will figure out what is going on and try to stop it We should have turns on watch as none of us are able to stay up 24 hours.

Shanasita offers for a later watch as well, Modura will stay up in the day and sleep at night.

Ruven will fill in as needed

So early shift: Modura, and who else? Late shift is currently Shanasita and Rhom.

The hours go by slowly Ruven on the early shift with Modura The ritual has started. The guard has begun. A group of shadowy figures came from the east. It was those shadow dragon slivers the group had fought twice before.

The group had made a circle around the ritual

Zhara would have also adv rest earlier because Vermifax would not be immediately aware of what was happening, so less likely something would happen.

Rhom: And this would be when we wake the others

Rhom: I suggest you flee unless you wish to face oblivion!

Modura: Oh. Great. These things again.

And the shadow dragons attack

Don’t they explode in ice and stuff and other various effects once they are killed They are Nasty creatures

The casters look like they are wearing robes. The other looked like warriors.

Casters tried to add fog clouds. Two were counterspelled by Rhom but a third one appeared covering several of the Slivers and Jemporary

Ruven used his bow focused his bow attacks against the casters.

Mitsune waded unto a group of them and swung her ax. She took many of the shadow dragon creatures out.

Jiro kept destroying them but they would explode after dying so he took a good amount of force damage and cold damage.

Shanasita cast fireball into the fog cloud after Jemporary was pushed out of it. The fireball took out 3 or 4 of the slivers

The last of the shadow dragons fell. They healed and then some tried to go back to sleep. The others took the rest of the watch.

It was really dark in the early morning. But they could see a group of men, swarthy looking men. They saw the glint of arrows knocked in bows.

They were a line of mercs with melee weapons on the front rows. The archers fired their arrows from the back. Ruven was about to fire at one of the archers when he saw something just off to his right. He turned and saw two figures, one was the monk and the other was Avarice the assassin from earlier. The monk moved and attacked Ruven The assassin attacked Corran who collapsed.

Rhom cast force cage on monk. Avarice moved closer to get the force cage inside the aura of her anti-magic ring. The monk went back to attack Modura. They focused they attacks on Avarice and once she fell Modura threw her out of the ritual circle. The cleric from earlier had appeared and healed her. Ruven took a few more shots with his bow. But when Rhom fell unconscious Ruven rushed towards Avarice and the cleric. Meanwhile Jiro and Jemporary focused on the mercs and Mitsune moved to attack the monk. Ruven healed Rhom who stood up and attacked the monk. They monk finally fell. Ruven was hit hard by Avarice but he did not move away. He split his attacks between Avarice and the cleric. He final took out the cleric and Avarice was close behind. Once she fell the remaining mercs ran off.

The ritual had not stopped. Zhara had kept it going. After receiving healing Corrin returns to the ritual circle with Griffon very close to her side.

They could hear sounds of the approaching army. It was a dull road that became a large rumble – and it was getting louder.

Smoke rising in the distance and they could see clouds covering the sky.

The same cloud that covers Ember