July 13, 2020 Theorne's family

Theorne (The First): He married a human mage named Eilonwy. The story goes she would only marry the man who beat her in chess. Rather than try to win flat out, he switched his king for hers on the board as his opening move declaring he would rather fight by her side than against her. They had two children. Theorne the Second did not adventure and used his sorcerer talents to improve the kingdom and repair after the Undead Wars. The daughter Aurora was a fierce and fiery paladin of Sulis who sought out the remaining parts of the Undead army and cultists to insure the war would never start again. Her story speaks of her devotion to Sulis being so powerful that it drew the attention of one of Sulis’s celestial servants who fell in love with her and took a mortal guise to fight alongside her and the two became lovers in time having one child.

Theorne the Second: As stated, he decided not to adventure, but was a life long leader and king at home. His story says that the dragoness Sparkle, a hybrid of blue and white, loved him and took a human form so she could be his wife. Among their children were two dragon bloods, Theorne the Third who died as an adventurer and his fraternal twin Rylan. Rylan was not a true adventurer but honed his ranger skills to help monitor the numbers of dangerous beasts in the wilder parts of the kingdom. His best friend growing up was a druidess named Kara. The two were inseparable and in time wed.

Theorne the Fourth: The eldest child of Rylan and Kara, he had some of his father’s draconic heritage but not a lot. His parents decided to send him to have a proper education at one of the new adventurer academies sprouting up in hopes that it would help keep him safe. As luck would have it though, his classmates and he fell into a world spanning adventure all their own while just trying to enjoy their spring break at the coast. In time, he met and married a cleric of nature named Esmeralda or Esme for short. She was human by birth, but had grown up in the magic of the Faewild so carried part of their power in her.

Elsbeth: The current next in line for the throne of Xalendare. She is an arcane archer haunted by visions and warnings that come to her in dreams created by her mother’s fae connections and the magical essence passed down by her father’s dragon blood. She has the gift and curse of sensing evil and unnatural creatures or essences nearby and can feel the pain of others. This makes her slightly unpredictable at times as she will attack without warning if her visions or senses tell her someone or something around her is evil and can or has harmed innocent life.