July 18, 2020 recap

Interlude at the Yellow Temple The group had just finished with the brown dragon and returned to our normal time. Right before heading back to yellow temple, the group sees Diana running away from politicians from the elf nation. They want to speak to her about her father and the large city he rules. She has had enough and is ready to leave. It took a couple hours of flight to arrive back at the yellow temple. As we approached the landing area, we could see a large crowd waiting for us. Fortunately there is enough room for us to land the dragon-mechs. When we land, Modura is surrounded by genasi. We can hear the genasi talking about a ceremony – not that ceremony, a different ceremony. The crowning ceremony and the coming of age ceremony, the genasi’s rite of passage There will be a great feast this evening, a big celebration. It is easy to tell that this is a big deal for the genasi.

The other priest wants know details about the when the next attunement ritual from Diana Rhom heads off to find Theorne.

Ruven takes Masako a tour of the Yellow Temple and is looking for an upgraded bow, preferably a magical one.

Rhom finds Theorne is in his room. Theorne asks if Rhom was able to repair the sword? It is fixed replies Rhom. Theorne asks to see the sword and asks to put it on the table. Theorne continues, “About removing your father’s talon from your heart. Are you sure you want to do that? You will lose your power. Rhom replies: If it does it does. If I am useless you can be the dragon pilot in my place or find another. I’m not just a weapon, old man. I can find a use. You do have another option, a contract with her, and you would still have powers. Trade slavery for another? I don’t relish being a burden, who is it? Sulatia he says as a very curvy woman barely wearing a black dress stepped out of the shadows. Using Witch’s Sight: she is not what she seems to be? She is a lot more worse off than what she is showing. She says you will have much more. Power to control, the power to dominate – the power to… Rhom cuts her off. “Pass…hard pass…I just want to be of use. I do not to become my father”

(We know it’s not real, the woman Theorne was with wasn’t a red head)


Modura was being escorted down a long hall within the Yellow Temple being a group of genasi. He asked what was going on. They said he was going to be prepare for two important ceremonies. One was for his coming of age ceremony. The other was for his coronation as the new leader of the genasi. As they walked, they started measuring him to be fitted for ceremonial robes he would be wearing for each ceremony. Modura was all for the coming of age ceremony but was not sure he was ready for the crowning as their new leader. He asked how he was chosen. They said was the oldest of the lineage. He was chosen by heredity and he also had to be accepted by the tribe which after all he had done for the tribe he was more than accepted (rescued them from slavery, rescued what turned out to be his mother who had been forces to work for the big evil dragon under Whitestone. Modura said he was not prepared to lead. He was in shock. Things were moving too fast. He then asked would he be able to continue his duties as a dragon knight. Of course not!


Shanasita – As she made her way down the hall to her room, she noticed someone was lurking in the shadows…She made quick Stealth check to see if she could see who was following her. She was able to hide and then move behind the person. She crept up behind and she noticed that it is Diana! Shanasita followed her, she steps around a corner and she stepped on a wig and Diana is gone. The wig was Diana’s hair color… As she moved on down the hall, Shanasita hears voices from a room not too far away. Peaking in she sees a strange woman in the room who looks a lot like Melody from the Guild, but she is wearing a very different outfit than Shanasita has seen Melody wear. “Melody” is talking to Lady Karis, the leader of the Ember. “They just arrived. Do they suspect anything?” “No, we will be on them in no time.” “Then go and prepare the flare and our troops will begin the attack. We are hidden within and more are surrounding the temple.” Shanasita realizes Lady Karis is not actually there. It is just an image, a projection of sorts in a mirror that Melody was speaking to. Shanasita realizes that Melody is in fact Siren. Shanasita could run and get help or risk Siren setting off the flare. Shanasita pulls out her Staff of the Magi and prepares a spell.


Jemporary has been rethinking his life choices. As he enters his room, he hears a voice. “Good, I have been waiting for you for a long time. I am a huge fan of all that you do. Come in and have a drink. Jemporary sees a weaselly looking guy asking him to come over and sit at a table. He has merchant’s clothes on and a wine bottle in his hand. He sets the bottle down and pulls out a portfolio. It is full of pictures of Jemporary on posters in various gladiator events. He wants to be Jemporary’s manager – Jemporary can be a star, a huge star. The man pulls out a giant bag of gold and treasure. There are 1000s of gold pieces. Jemporary asks for the catch. There is no catch. I have lots of meetings set up for you. We are going to be rich. You will have to give up what you have here and come with me. Leave this all behind and start your new life as a superstar.


Jiro heads toward the library and is stopped by a genasi. He has a letter for him. Some elven guy had dropped it off a few days before. He looked very official. Jiro carefully opened it. It was an official summons from the elven authorities. There is a note attached to the summons. If Jiro failed to accept the summons, I will come and get you by force. It is signed by Lord Admiral Lithune (known as Captain Longears). He is known to be relentless and he will hunt you and find out. Jiro decides to ignore the summons and just stay paranoid. For now.


Mitsune is wandering the halls of the Yellow Temple when she smells something delicious. Roasted meat coming from down towards the kitchens. Mitsune enters and sees genasi are cooking a feast. Mitsune’s stomach rumbles but she knows would be rude to eat before the food is offered at the feast. She goes to look for beer instead to fill her stomach. She asks one of the genasi cooks how did you get this all set up? Zeba/Tempest got it for us. She has contacts in Whitestone. She has been setting this up for days. How did you know we were coming back. We started cooking as soon as we saw your ships coming. Oh, we have the dragon egg you all brought in the pantry. It works well as a cold storage unit. About that time Mitsune hears a crunch in the back, towards the pantry. That cannot good. Lots of noise in the back. Could the dragon have hatched?


Ruven was given Misako a tour of the Yellow Temple. Misako was asking about his background trying to get to know him better. Ruven mentions his concerns about his skills especially in the last fight against the brown dragon. He wants to be able to assist his friends when it comes down to it. She said what is it you want to be able to do. We can figure this out together. We will get it worked out. She continues to talk about her past. She picked Pooka because no one else would take her. She is a bad cleric but so is Ruven.


Rhom says to the women of shadow: “No, I do not want to be like my Dad. Her glamour goes away. She continues, you want to have power. Your father will probably hurt you and your friends. She licks her lips to make it memorable and she moves closer. Rhom says “Not another step closer. She turns to Theorne and says I thought you said he would be easier than this. Eilonwy would be disappointed in your choice of companions Rhom says to Theorne. That is when Rhom hears a voice from the other side of the door. “Are you decent, boy?” It is Theorne from beyond the door. The Theorne in Rhom’s room dissolves before Rhom. It is Rhom Corsath, Sr. Rhom Jr. grabs the sword. Salacia steps back behind Rhom Sr. Rhom Sr. speaks “You think for one minute you will be free from me? Go ahead and kill yourself. Tt will save me the time.

Rhom turns the blade towards his heart. “I WILL BE FREE!” (He rolls a natural 20, critting himself) The door bursts open and Theorne charges toward Rhom Sr. Rhom Jr blacks out.


Modura continues to be fitted for his ceremonial robes. He says “This will have to wait. There are things that I need to get done. This needs to be at least in a few months. The genasi are going over the etiquette of the ceremonies. Modura asks “Can I speak to Zarah? I mean right now. There are more pressing needs right now. Throwing leadership at me this way is ill prepared. I have other things I need to do first. “


Shanasita cast Fireball at the highest level she could. She hoped that Wild Magic would go off as well, but it did not. She had focused the fireball at the two women. The room filled with fire and smoke. She cannot see in the room anymore. So, she casts another fireball into the room. This one was Counterspelled. She heard a voice. It must be Siren. “Well well well, what little mouse has crawled out of the woodwork. You are that Ember brat, aren’t you? Can see it in your eyes. All my children have that look. Such potential. So…you think you can take me. Get out of my way.”

Shanasita yells as loud as she can “Siren is here!” No one can hear your screams. She takes a step back and cast Fireball down the hallway. It was Counterspelled again. Siren says again “step out of my way.” Shanasita slams the Staff of the Magi into Siren’s face giving minimal damage to her face but it will leave a bruise.


Jemporary has been thinking about the and he does not want to leave this situation. If there is no kingdom to get back, there is no reason to do anything else. I only wanted money to get my kingdom back. The man says “Your comrades will save the world. Just sign my contract. He slides it towards Jemporary and hands him a pen. (Jemporary is still mad about the bunions of the old woman and the purple dragon). Jemporary says no.


Jiro knows they are going to drag him back. He will respond to the letter. He sits down and begins to respond. Mitsune went to investigate the pantry. She peaks into the room and sees a baby white dragon chewing on a whole cow. She tells the kitchen staff that there is a dragon the pantry. The kitchen staff proceed to get the food out of the kitchen. Mitsune grabs a piece of meat off the wall. Dragon looks at her but continues to eat the cow. She offers the meat to the dragon like a dog and Mitsune attempts Animal Handling.

The dragon jumps Mitsune!

She wrestles the dragon into a headlock. She looks around for something to stuff the dragon into and finds a large sack and a leash.


Masako and Ruven go to the Pit to pick up some things and then to Whitestone to go shopping. Masako gives Ruven a masterwork +1 mandolin to help with his bard spells, performance checks and more. (This was the one he had found just after she had disappeared). They then head off to Whitestone to look for a new bow. They were able to find a +1 longbow.


Shanasita heard Siren scream I will kill you. Shanasita does not wait and she breaks the staff over her knee. After a large explosion, she steps out of a portal. The gemstone is glowing of her dragon amulet is glowing. Shanasita is now attuned to her amulet.

Jemporary says no. The merchant stands and says “Good, you passed.” Jemporary is now attuned to his dragon amulet.

(The Attunements took place the morning after Modura’s ceremonies and feast)


Ruven and Masako arrive back just in time for the feast. Mitsune has a sack with dagger size claw marks all over it. Every once and awhile they see a claw come out of the bag. Mitsune says that the egg hatched.

But where is Rhom?

Modura still trying to get out of this. Zarah comes in and they speak. She says that in the ceremony for coming into manhood Modura will have to eat a live lizard. Modura speaks to Zarah: “I was told that I cannot continue as a Dragon Knight She says yes, you are now our leader. There is not a whole lot of support for me anymore. Modura says that my first action will be to set Amir is the temporary leader while I continue as a dragon knight. This is not something I can stop doing. This is end of the world type stuff. Zarah says that his responsibility his to his people now. He asked what are the powers of the leader? Can I assign someone in my place? You would know you can do that in times of war, which is now. We are at war. We have been in a state of war. Modura will have to convince the elders of this.

Zarah then tells Modura that Rhom took an injury and is being helped as we speak. Your other friends are at the banquet.

Modura goes through with the ceremony. He will seek out the elders. He is Fine with being a leader but if the Dragon God wins, he will have no kingdom to lead. He can use his leadership to rewrite the laws of his people and be able to assign a temporary leader until he is back from the dragon knight duties. The genasi are making up for years absence. Amir the has been their temporary leader. Rhom is out and Diana is worried.

Gary goes to check on Rhom. Empty room, blood on the floor. Runs back to the feast and tells Diana. I know, he is being treated. He is with some healers right now. I am sure he will be okay. Diana seems to be bluffing, not telling everything. And it is obvious she is not telling the whole truth. She is not lying, just not sure if she knows if he will be okay or not. We cannot go see him, because he is not here. I do not know exactly where he is.

Ruven using Sending to contact Theorne. Theorne responds Rhom is with me and all is well. We will be back soon. Mitsune keeps the dragon calm the best she can. It was making a mess.

The Ceremonies are long. They both include lots of dancing and fruit. And Modura is expected to give a speech. Modura as the new leader he is to give a customary speech to show what leadership he will provide. He sees this as an honor and a burden. We must remember those who we have lost, and we must finish what we started. Meaning to continue the war, Dawn of the new age. (Gary and Ruven accompanied him with music and bardic inspiration. Modura nails it. He is their leader but will continue to be a Dragon Knight.


Theorne and Rhom are traveling. Rhom is in and out of consciousness. Voices are in and out. Rhom has no idea what is going on or what Theorne is doing. He is suddenly standing in a white clear space and there is a woman speaking over his shoulder. She is on a plane stretching into infinity where there is nothing but light. Rhom feels weak, but at peace. His chest no longer hurts. There is no blood and no marks.

“What is it you seek?”

“I want to protect her…the world…Keep it from being destroyed. I think because I am a damned Dragoon…it’s in the blood. “ “You do it because those before you have?”

“And because if I don’t or can’t, there might not be any after me that will able to do so.”

“For Life”

Very well. I will let you be my sword. You are doing this so that there is Life.

Rhom wakes and finds he is laying down on a stone slab in the middle of decrepit room. He is mostly naked and there is a breeze. What? Where?

Am I in someone’s tomb?

No, you are not in a tomb” Theorne says. “It was touch and go there for a while. We are in an ancient Temple to Sulis. It was the closest one I could find. This one long been abandoned only by us, but the gods never abandon us.

“How do you feel?”

“I don’t hurt…. I take it I am disconnected from my father?”

Theorne points to a nice scar on his chest right over his heart.

I told you we would get your Dad’s claw out of you. You should have waited for us. Reminds me of my younger days.

Was he there? Was my Dad here or was I hallucinating? Something was there. I did glimpse a woman of sort that disappeared into a shadow. Did she try to talk you out of it? She was not my mother…. I think another of his consorts. He tried to get me to forge a pact with her using your face. I think she was from the Shadowfell.

Well, if you are feeling better, we need to get you back to your friends.

How did we even get here? And where are my clothes?

Oh, you will have to see, and I can get you more clothes.

They step out of the temple and Rhom sees a city. No wait, it is an airship and it is huge. “What in the name of the gods…. what is that? “ “That is my ship. It may be big, but it can move fast when it needs to.”

“No wonder they can’t find you…. your base moves.”

“Cannot catch something if you don’t know where it is.”

Theorne brings Rhom aboard the ship, gets him new clothes. He then starts the journey back to the Yellow Temple. “Diana is going to kill me when she finds out that I used the sword on myself.”

Theorne asks “what are you going to do now?”

“Stop a war, save those damned souls in Thermaflax, save the world…. marry Diana I hope.”

They eturn just in time for Shanasita, Gary and Jemporary to go through their rituals. Diana is glad to see Rhom. Everyone wants to know all about it. Rhom asked for a glass of wine first. It should be noted now that Rhom is wearing half plate.

It’s a long story…well a short story…but it feels long…


The Journey to find the Pink Amulet