June 22 2019 recap

So, highlights of the last session include trying to set an ambush for a Chimera that was right behind the group and attending a masquerade ball and keep finding drinks in my hand I didn’t order or see anyone put there. A street urchin from Ember had joined the guild. While Alistair was away, the merchants had let an emissary from Ember into the city and some of them were vampires and they had started to take control of the population. Alistair would have never let these people into the city, let alone vampires. He will not be pleased. There seems to be a whole lot of politics going on as well. There was also a chicken name Matilda who had survived the battle against the chimera. They met other members of the guild including Coffee a ranger who always comes into the guild hall, orders a coffee then falls asleep at the table. His lynx companion would crawl up on his back and sleep as well.

At the masquerade one of the vampires was charmed by something applied to his mask. Some kind of powerful magic was at work.

There had been three vampire murders - a dancing sailor, a guard and a noblewoman. None of them seem to be connected to one another other than their killings.

Per Jason’s Facebook post in Team Sidequest with added info from Kevin, Sarah and Shaun at the June 29 session.