June 29 2019 recap

Ruven and Modura decided to stay in the library to do more research. Some of the research they recovered was: Akkadia was a thriving fire genasi city 200-300 years ago. The 20 to 30 years ago, the city was destroyed. Not sure what happened. The records in the library do not say. The monks at the library had traded with the folks of Akkadia.

The amulets were created to block the return of Drakkus, the evil black dragon god. The amulets were created by high level clerics and wizards of the gods that we found in the temple and the gods themselves. That made these amulets artifact level items. Drakkus was defeated but it was not a 100% defeat. The final battle took place in and around Liongrad which is now Whitestone. Not sure on actual damage. The amulets were then taken from the Dragon Knights to prevent them from having the power go to their heads. The amulets were then sealed away. We currently have two of them, the Green (Ted) and the Yellow (Modura, Modura). Other things – Wrangledeep – the island is still there but there is no giant tree. The desert the temple is in has grown some since the map was created but not by that much. After about 2-3 days their rations began to get low and they decided to head back to Whitestone to restock their gear and to check in a the Wild Card guild to see about their companions that had gone on ahead. They would have to walk as the horses were taken by Tanaka and his men.

And there was the Yellow Dragon outside of the Temple that they had to get past. Well maybe it was still there. And it could have killed their friends as they left. They did not know. They left the Temple and saw a fork. One way they saw many horse track going off to the west. The other way was the way the group had first came into the canyons that held the temple. They took the way that they had come in. Suddenly the earth began to shake and a huge yellow dragon emerged from the ground as if it was in water. It snapped its jaws at Modura. Ruven cast Guiding Bolt. The dragon whipped its tail around slamming into Ruven. Ruven and Modura started using attack and run tactics as both were taking damage. Ruven was healing as he could but they would not last long and it was several miles to go to get out of the canyon.

Geronimo! A mysterious man in full plate swinging an obviously magical holy sword leaped down into the canyon and attacked the dragon. Looks like you boys could use some help. Ruven kept getting slapped around by the dragon’s tail. At one point, he was healed by a mastiff that ended up being the paladin’s companion. The three of them kept attacking and finally the yellow dragon was defeated. The paladin introduced himself. He was Alistair (cannot remember his last name – Whitestone maybe), the leader of Whitestone. Modura and Ruven were not sure how to act around him. After a few sires and your majesties, Alistair said I used to get all caught up in names and honorifics but I really don’t care anymore. Call me what you want.

He then asked if they had seen a large human wearing all black plate mail. It didn’t take long for them to realize he was talking about Tanaka. They told him of their encounter with him, his search from the greataxe that Modura had on his back and how Tanaka had rode off. They said here were horse tracks that showed the way back at the temple. Alistair explained that Tanaka was a demon, a raksasha to be precise. Many years ago, Alistair had captured Tanaka and had imprisoned him at (cannot remember the name. Was at the place of the first adventure, fight a lesser demon). Alistair was now trying to track him down. He asked if they were adventurers and then said that they should come with him to see if they could track Tanaka down. They agreed and set off following the hoof prints.

They followed the prints into some woods. After making camp, they were attacked by a pack of dire wolves. Ruven fell but was again healed by Alistair and his mastiff companion Legend. They continued to travel following the trail left by Tanaka. Over 4 or 5 days they spotted at least 3 unicorns with Ruven spotting two together at one point and then another by itself a few days later. It was odd. They came out on the main road. They could tell that Tanaka was heading toward Ember, a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Alistair said that it was not a good idea for him to go there. It might start a war. He then asked if Ruven and Modura would go to Ember to see if they could spot Tanaka and see what he might be up to. And if they were lucky enough to take down the vile beast, if they could return with his left hand/paw there would be a reward. But, if that is not possible, to see if he is in the city and see if they can figure out what he is up to. They agreed but they were a little apprehensive. There were stories about Ember – nasty stuff went down there and there was undead among other evil creatures but there were some folks of neutral and even some good but they were few in numbers.

They entered the city over a large stone bridge. Below they could see a river far below. And lots and lots of tents and small fires. Was it an army? Ember is set on a number of mountains that were connected by rackety cable cars run by halfings selling all kinds of insurance that would guarantee safe times within Ember. Ruven and Modura both bought pickpocket insurance which they realized later was just a way to mark them. Both their pockets were picked but only a few gold was taken. That first ride on the cable car was not a good experience for Ruven. He should have seen that as an omen for what to come. They both wanted to buy a shield so they went looking for a weapons and armor shop. They found a temple to a war god. After Modura getting punched in the face, they got directions to the merchant guild section. Another ride on the cable car. They found an armor shop. They had nothing. Stock was being bought up so quickly. They could take an order and it may come in a week or more. They said thanks and then left. As they were leaving they a flash of white and turned to see a unicorn in a cage. They asked about it. It was a special commodity. It would be auctioned later that night, at midnight. They had 7 or 8 hours and were not sure what to do. They walked around some, ran into a street gang fight between goblins and Halflings that may or may not have been planned entertainment. There were exploding sheep from the halflings and mechsuits from the goblins. When it was over several bodies were picked up by their friends and taken away and the crowd that had formed went about its business. Looking for food, Modura found a taco vendor. The food was good but it was greasy. Ruven was hesitant at first but also go one. He took a bite and it was good. The crowd swelled and they were separated. Ruven took another but and then felt something bite him on the back of his neck. He reached back to see what he could feel….and he woke up 5 or more hours later in a room in a tavern/inn being jostled by a strange elf that ended being his wife. He was now married but he could not figure out how. He had no memory. Gertrude whose real name was Misako was an elf and she was urging him to get dressed. They had a party to go to that only married couples could go to. It was an elven expecting parents’ party. She glamoured his armor into a nice part attire and said we will mingle for an hour, at the 9pm bells, begin to sing just like you did earlier today. Ruven had a vague memory of singing and dancing in a tavern. It might have been the one they just passed. They got to the party and mingled. He was not sure where Misako had gone. At 9pm he began to sing. He chose a celebration song, one about expectations. It was a solid performance but not the best one. The audience seemed to like it. He took a pause and ended his performance on a high note. He finished and Misako was walking quickly and encouraging him to do the same. They were outside when the alarms went off and guards chased them but they got away. She thanked him and said if you are back in town, look me up and then she disappeared into the crowd. Ruven said just under his breath, and I didn’t even get my cut. He then tried to find his way back to the Auction House looking for Modura along the way.

Meanwhile Modura spent several hours looking for Ruven but with no luck. A goblin approached him and said I know who you are looking for. I seen him and can take you to him but will need to get paid 10gp. Modura agreed and off they went. They came to a series of stalls. The goblin approached and said to the man I am here to about the special. The man lifted the counter of the stall and let them pass. They came into a room with many shelves and a door. The goblin went to the door and said The Pit and opened the door. On the other side it was open air and the sun was out. He could see lots of people milling around going toward some kind of amphitheater. At the center of the amphitheater was a jungle with people running around with spears hunting one another. No, it was an illusionary jungle and gladiatorial fights were taking place. The goblin took Modura over to a section down near the front of the stands and said this is where I saw him. Not sure where he may be now but this is where he was a day ago. No, Modura said he was not in the city a day ago. Goblin shrugged and walked off. Modura tried to follow him but was caught up in the crowd. He did come across a similar door. On a hunch he walked up to the door and said Whitestone and opened the door. He found himself in the sewers and he knew he was back in Whitestone. He tried his best to make mental notes so he could come back here. If he was able to get the unicorn, this would be a quick way out. He left closing the door and then said Ember and opened it. It led to a similar stall as the first one. He was let through and back to the street but was a ways away from the auction house. He went to catch a ride on the cable car. Sitting on the cable car he heard Ruven’s voice in his head, I am down here, yeah look down and to your right. They reunited but realized they had about 30 minutes to get to the auction house. They talked briefly but Ruven was not too forthcoming about what had happened. He did mention a contact that might be helpful in the future but did not explain. Modura said he may have found a really fast way back to Whitestone.

The auctions started at 11pm. They had asked about the unique items. Those auctions would come second. They included, a Staff of adornment, a pair of sending stones, a sword of vengeance and the unicorn would be last. The staff sold for 29,000gp (is that right?), the sending stones went for much less and the sword of vengeance went for 180,000gp as a bidding war broke out between two rival houses.

Next came the unicorn. The opening big was 10,000gp. Between them they had only a little under 11,000. The bids went large out of the gate. They did not make a bid. But they did see who the two bidders for the unicorn were. The archlich they had encountered on the streets earlier and a large man in black full plate. It was Tanaka. The bidding was tight but Tanaka won the unicorn. They decided to follow him to see where he was going and to see if they could rescue to the unicorn. They followed him to the warcamps. They saw many mercenaries. They also saw war machines and other beginnings of a warband. Tanaka set the cage with the unicorn down and had two of his mercenaries guard it. It was two of the ones that Ruven and Modura had fought with against the first false mummy. They were not sure what to do. Ruven then said the contact I mentioned earlier has the skills to help us. I am not sure where to find her but I have an idea on where to start.

They went to the tavern Ruven had vague memories off. As he entered, the bartender shouted to him Ruven! So good to see you twice in one day. Please have a drink. Ruven said and one for my friend. They sat for about 30 minutes or so but Ruven did not see Misako. He went to the bar and asked the bartender if he had seen his wife. The bartender said no. Ruven said we were supposed to meet back here about 20 minutes ago. Bartender said if I see her I will let her know you are looking for her.

They were about leave when the bartender brought over another drink. Compliments of the house. Ruven took a drink and his teeth were hit but a metal key. He took the key and said let us go to Modura. They went upstairs and found the room and used the key. The room was sort of familiar. Ruven said Misako. She said Ruven, again? And you brought a friend? Ruven explained about the unicorn and that they needed to get it out of the city. When she found out that it would taking the unicorn from Tanaka, she was in. Tanaka had been in town maybe two weeks but had made a name for himself at the Pit fighting any challengers and winning every time. He was making a name for himself and any way to mess with him, Misako was all for. Ruven said something about paying her and she said don’t be silly. This will be my wedding gift to you. Modura was not sure what was going on but Misako went straight into her plan. She and Ruven would be guards, Modura would be a pony wrangler. They would get a pony, get it muddy and add a pipe to its head in place of the unicorn horn. They would switch out the pony and the unicorn by telling the guards that they had been relieved from duty for the night. They would then glamour the unicorn to look like a muddy horse. They went to the warcamp. Her plan worked. Soon they had the unicorn and were leaving the warcamp. They split from Misako ensuring her that they could take it from here. Ruven and Misako embraced and she gave him a kiss on the cheek and whispered, now you have your cut. She the disappeared into the crowd. Modura led them back to the stalls to see about the specials. He went back to the door he hoped was the one that led to the Whitestone sewers. It did. They walked around and found staircase leading up. They found themselves in the Wizard’s College. They each had a library card for research so they were able to make their way through the College, through the streets, out of the city and to the nearest wood. As they approached the woods, the unicorn began tugging on the reins. Ruven took the bridle off and the unicorn turned to them and they heard a little girl’s voice in their heads say thank you and off the unicorn ran into the woods.

They came back into the city and asked if Alistair had returned. They folks they talked with were hoping he would return very soon as war may be likely. There was an emissaries from Ember that had come into the city and they may or may not be vampires and they were creating thrall with some kind of mass possession ability. The city was currently under curfew but adventurers like themselves had a bit more freedom. They hoped that Alistair would return soon to set all of this straight. They then set out for the Wild Cards Guild hall to see if their friends were there and to fill them in on what they had been through.