March 2019 recap

Groups came together and fought the mummy lord. 2 of Tataka’s men died. The treasure was all fake but 7gp, 80sp, 2300cp, including the axe (giant two handed axe, ornate axe head. Tataka and his men left. Gary the Bard and our half orc fighter stayed with our group. The throne the mummy lord was sitting on was able to be moved out of the way revealing a tunnel.

Red gem with polymorph on it – cobra, bat, rat, cat, goat and camel. Planning to sell once we get back to Whitestone.

Found embalming supplies. Found more mummies. Found a room with a pit and a skeleton on perpetual fire. A sign on the pit said Traitor. Took skeleton out of the pit, it disintegrated and we saw a vision of an old man in tribal armor. We heard a riddle “King Kortag had 6 generals who all betrayed him and they paid for it.

The new area is newer than the temple above. This area is about 100yrs old

Kortag was a king who conquered a large realm about 100 years ago. He was known for his selfish debauchery (really bad stuff).

Another room with gritty fog. In it was a creature with claws for arms and a mouth with lots of teeth. It slapped all of us around with two of us dropping. We were able to defeat it and saw that it was a similar man as was in the fire pit. He too had not had a natural death.

We think we have found 2 of Kortag’s generals who betrayed him. We are guessing there are four more to find and maybe Kortag himself. We think the mummy lord we found may be Kortag but the treasure was fake so maybe that was not the real Kortag as well.