May 9, 2020 recap

While the other group went to find the Sword of Sulis(sp), Ruven, Jemporary and Modura went to the the Pit to investigate the disappearance of Misaka, Ruven’s wife.

As they approach they see a bunch of activity in and around the stadium, good sized crowds gather for a few other events.

They land their dragonmechs near the airship landing area and proceed to the head office. Guido is there and welcomes them. He immediately goes into business mode with very little concern for Misaka being missing. When asked he says that she was last seen 4 or 5 days ago or a week. They ask him to take the to her room. He wants to have the dragonmechs in the arena. Modura and Ruven say no, that is not an option. Guido presses them but gets nowhere.

They arrive at Misaka’s door. Modura and Ruven would be surprised if there were not traps. They found several and were able to remove them. They missed one that splashed red liquid on Modura. Red paint. Investigating her room they found the following:

window smashed open from outside perhaps by large claws. Bed sheets and blankets have been tossed around giving the impression of a struggle. Bed clothes tossed aside showing scuffle of some type. A smashed piece of pottery which turned to be a ceramic unicorn.

More investigation showed gouges in the window, broke the frame, like a claw or a grappling hook

There was a bedside table with a candle. The ceramic unicorn was once about 6 inches tall, recently made. May have been sitting on the bedside table. Ruven and Modura did not think it was her style. It reminded Ruven of the unicorn they rescued in Ember. Ruven found a potter’s name on one of the unicorn’s feet but he did not recognize it.

Looking inside the nightstand they saw a lot of jewelry. Some of it was from the heist where Ruven and Misaka first met. All of the pieces were very valuable.

Modura cast Detect Magic and he saw glowing from the dresser. Inside the dresser was a variety of outfits from dresses to more simple outfits. They ran the gamut of styles and functions.

The item that was glowing was a woman’s bonnet. It was a very fancy hat of disguise.

Ruven thought that it may have been Tanaka that did this in retribution for us rescuing the unicorn some months ago. But it seemed to be more likely the creepy elf guy, Eravan. They needed more information.

They moved to the desk. Lots of paperwork - request orders, medical bills for gladiators - Misaka was brainstorming. One idea was to offer fights that had less damage to the fighters. More show, less deadly. Looking inside the drawer they saw a good amount of money gems etc. Ruven also came across a receipt for set of magic rings Ruven is wearing one of them, Misaka must be wearing the other one. Looking through the papers Ruven saw more important documents one was their marriage certificate (it was his signature on it) and a receipt for a pair of magic rings - enchanted with certain powers. With the correct magic word, one person with the ring could see where the other person is, another word would tell the condition of the other person and third word would allow one to listen in on the other person. Ruven was relieved but also realized that Misaka knew more about what was going on then he thought. But nevermind that, there were more important things.

Looking at the directions Ruven asked to check the condition of Misaka – The ring glowed red - She was in mortal peril. Ruven used the next word to see where she is located. A compass appears above the ring and points southeast He used the last work to listen in. All he could hear were birds chirping in a forest that seemed way off in the distance from where she was.

The chest in the corner of the room was last. It was looked but there was not lock on it. Ruven knew there were two ways to get this open, using a spell or figuring out the password. Modura prepared to cast Dispel magic but Ruven spoke his name out loud and the chest opened.

Inside was a number of valuable items and treasure. Ruven saw a box in there with a bow on it. It was wooden and it felt like something may be inside of it. Ruven opened it and inside was masterwork lute. It was beautiful and even though it was out of tune, it had a rich sound that Ruven had only heard from a few other instruments. He put the lute back into the case and then put the case back into the chest and shut the chest. It auto-locked once it was shut.

From all they had heard about Wrangledeep from Gary, they knew that was where they would be going. They waited for the others to come to the Pit. They shared each others stories – The other group had fought an angel to receive the Sword of Sulis.

They entered their dragonmechs and flew southeast until an ancient tree came into view. It was petrified looking like it had died of old age. At its base were four open gateways – North East West and South.

Ruven checked the ring again. The compass did not point in any direction. He checked on Misaka and it came back black. Misaka was dead. Ruven knew he had to find her if to do nothing else than to give her the burial she deserved.

They entered the base of the tree. It was a hollow tree and rose from the ground about 30ft. Its floor was covered in debris made up of leaves and dirt.

Diana scryed on Misaka but she did not come back with anything.

Looking at the floor closer they saw a number of tiles underneath the debris. Rhom cast investiture of wind and they saw a large tile mural appear before them. The middle of the mural was an image of an elven king sitting on a throne looking down on an empty dying city. He held his face in his hands.

The mural was ancient. Took up most of the floor of the trunk. Other then the mural there were four gateways, one each to the north south east and west.

Cleaning off the rest of the debris, they could see that the large city was resting on a large group of trees. Unfortunately the mosaic was not that detailed. Ruven knew that the elf island homeland had created similar mosaics to celebrate an event or in remembrance of something terrible.

Diana casts Legend Lore and discovers a story of new hope, new beginnings and the blessing of gifts. But in the end all that remains is loss and a circle that never ends.

Only doors in the trunk room are the four gateways.

Detect Magic - Shanasita and saw faint magical emanation from the four gateways. They all had had conjuration magic cast on it. Now only residuals were left.

Shouted out Eravan but nothing happened. They looked closer and saw very faint markers above each portal North portal - small seedling tree (spring) East portal - sun (summer) South portal - two crossed wheat stalks (fall) West portal - snowflake (winter)

“Hrm. Conjuration magic does include the teleport spells….” Modura knocks on the Spring rune and said, “Wrangledeep”. Nothing happened

Gary and Ruven did a religion check and something reminded them of an elven nursery rhyme: “Four legs, say when, Four steps, start again.”

You also know that the Elven god of Earth is Yuraban. He preaches that that all four seasons are part of the same wheel (a circle that never ends). The nursery rhyme refers to the four seasons. It basically means walking in a circle. Think of it like a literal wheel, with spokes. All things connected in a circle on the outside, but are one on the inside. While walking in circles, you also happen to reflect on how Yuruban teaches that all time is one. There is only one time. Portals and gates are also forms of conjuration magic.

Spring - conjuration spell transportation spell Summer secondary trigger Fall? Winter?

Looking closer Modura saw that there were lines of magic connecting the doors. Again, all time is one.

Four of them stepped into one of the portals and whoosh - all four doors at once. Looking above the tree reappears around them and grows higher and higher. They see stairwell inside leading up. The trunk room was now darker. The only light coming through the doorways and they could see darker clouds.

Ruven checked his ring and the arrow pointed southwest

They looked outside. Things were very different. No more fields of grass. It was a desolate wasteland with a vineyard to the southeast. Beyond the vineyard was an orchard. Both were twisted and dying.

To the southwest they saw mounds and the ruts of a carriage or wheelbarrow following off into the distance towards the lake.

And the amulets were gone

On the lake and the river there looked to be a poison fog or some kind of miasma.

They turned around and looked up they saw buildings towards the mounds. These buildings were small elven shrines, dedicated to the dead. And there were a lot of them. They look old and they saw nothing was growing.

They decided to follow direction that the ring showed Ruven. The compass took them to one mound and ring compass points into the mound.

After 30 minutes of digging, they find a skeleton probably of a female elf. It is wearing Misaka’s ring

Diana casts Speak with Dead. Who are you? - Misaka How did you die? - it was locked, a cell. I was there a long time. I grew sick and tired. Very, very tired. Who locked you up? Eravan Why did he take you? Why did Eravan lock you away? Do not know. There were so many of us Where is the cell that you died in? I did not die in the cell. I escaped and when I left I grew more tired and eventually I had to lay down.

Ruven noticed something in her other hand. It was a key. On its base was a symbol that looked like two wheat pieces crossed, just like they saw above the South portal.

Ruven debated weather to take her with him or rebury her and come back later. He decided to go find out what was going on and then come back for the body if he came to it.

We should go back to the South portal. With the key they saw above the gateway the wooden symbol and underneath was a keyhole

“Time travel gives me a headache.”

They put the key into the keyhole and the gateway began to shimmer. They all stepped through. It felt like moving through water. The feeling ceases and they were back in the tree trunk. The tree was not as black as the previous tree. It had some splotches of brown on the trunk and the leaves. The stairs and railing were still there. The land around the tree was still not pretty with the vineyard having some brownish scraggly vines and leaves but they were not dead. The mounds were still there but it was more of a very large cemetery. It looked to have been better cared for than the one that they had just come from.

Ruven looked at the ring and saw that the the compass was spinning and not giving any direction. They decided to go up to be able to look out over the fields and vineyard. They saw two old elves(?) working in the vineyard.

They decided to stealth towards the farmers with Ruven and Gary in the front. As they got closer the two men appeared to be very weary. They were elves but their hair was white, sunken black eyes and their finger nails were also black. Could it be a disease of some sort? Gary used medicine. They looked sick, they were acting sick but he could not tell what was making them sick.

The elves saw the group but did not do much other than what they were currently doing, working in the vineyard.

Gary told them we’re from the continent to the north and ask what had happened. They did not answer.

They kept working. They looked like they were putting all of their energy to maintain the last plants.

Was this a magical disease that had drained the life out of them?

Decided to go back to the tree and then went up the stairs

As they were going up they heard a loud thumping from above. They saw an elf coming down the stairs in a black robe with a sour expression. He had a wheelbarrow that had two forms sticking out of it. It thumped every time it went down a step. The two figures both had white hair and their finger nails were black. They were both elves.

When they got to the top Jemporary was exhausted and he needed a short rest.

The top was a very large flat wooden area. There was a fountain or pool that may have once been beautiful but was now a grimy pool covered in lichen. They looked down and saw in the middle a marketplace but it was abandoned. To left there were shops and stores, most of them looked closed. To the right was a large 3 story Inn. The stairs continued to go up.

Rhom shields Diana as she quietly cast Purify Food and Drink to clean the pool of grimy water. It no longer appeared as grimy.

The stairs kept going up. Way up. (Think of Tibetan monk steps)

Shanasita saw something glittery in the pool. They used mage hand to reach in and pull it our. It was a key and on its handle there was a sun shape/symbol on it.

There were thinking about whether to go up the stairs or not when they heard shouting and yelling coming from the inn. There were a lot of voices and they were very angry.

30 or so elves all with white hair. There is one person who was doing most of the most shouting. They were all holding torches and pitchforks. A few of the group went up close enough to hear what was being shouted.

“We have been abandoned by the gods. We have to get rid of them. Do the gods care at all?”

There was an energy in the room. The mob with torches and pitchforks started coming towards the group. They poured out of the inn yelling curses and vowing vengeance. The mob headed towards the pool.

There was only one person left in the inn. He was shaking his head and had tears in his eyes. Gary spoke to him. He looked up and said who are you? I am traveler of the north and I do not know want is going on. Cannot you see? We are under a plague. He is hurting people is what happened there - it is our sins, Leave me. If there was a cure, our king would have found it by now. It will take us all and if you do not leave, it will get you too.

The rest of the group decided to follow the mob. It passed the pool and went on up to the next level. They could see a large building that the mob was headed for. It was a temple to Yuruban, the nature god/earth deity of the elves.

A robed elf came out of the temple and asked them to stop. She continued in loud ringing voice she said we do not to anger the gods. They shouted to her to out of the way, Saeras. The gods have abandoned us.

What do you intend to do? burn your temple and god out of our city. We give you the choice, Saeras. You can die by the sword quickly or you can go slow by the plague.

The group decided to put a stop to this. Rhom stepped forward and said this is the blade of Sulis, the goddess of healing, of life. She can help you. They responded we prayed to her and her clerics could do nothing.

No gods have listened to us.

No, but perhaps they were not the right type of person you needed. Sit with me a moment, tell me how this began.

No one would and the mob become more angry. Convince the crowd not to burn the church/temple. Those that are elf or half elf have advantage.

Ruven succeeds with a performance to calm them down with a song about the teachings of Yuruba. Gary succeeds with an impassioned speech about how to see faith. Rhom - reveals himself and does not succeed Shansita - does not succeed. Jiro - succeeds Mob started to become humbled and began to walk away leaving us there with the female cleric.

Saeris sighed and looked at the group. She said thanks for helping. It was an act of anger and I appreciate the assistance. But they are right to be angry. We have had no visitors in year. This town is plagued by an unknown disease. By coming here, you have doomed yourself. Those who are not elves, it would be wise not make yourselves visible. Our suffering has made it worse.

You should leave soon before you too show signs of the plague. What good is a god that cannot heal? This effects all who stay here. Those whose lives are shorter, the disease comes quicker. You will not last long.

When and how did this start? Many years ago. At first our finger nails turned black. We were filled with exhaustion growing weaker and weaker. Our hair turned white. We cannot figure out what is going on.

Who were the first to grow ill? Seemed to strike the women first, the young next and then the older.

As for the royal family, any deaths or illnesses among them? We have one ruler and he has been effected and has not died. Ruled for 150 years now. (is this time correct?)

There have been no newborns since the plague began.

We were ruled by a Counsel of Three. One died in the Dragon Wars, another tried to assassinate the 3rd. She was arrested and executed. The remaining one became king over time. It just made sense.

This is gonna sound odd, when are we? Saeris gave a date at around 500 years in the past. 500 years after the dragon wars so around 1000 years from the present time.

How long after the sickness began did the land start to die? Hard to say, it does infect the land as much as the people as you can see. It is as if the goddess herself was crying out to her children.

Rhom - It’s gotta be one of the dragons….its leaching the people and the land just as the Black Dragon feeds on the souls of the city that is now in its gut.

Modura paced back and forth, still pondering…“So the current ruler was one of the council of three five hundred years ago?” That is correct.

Modura looks to Rhom. “It does feel like if he’s that old and hasn’t succumbed… Something is not right.”

“’Again’ may be an ironic word choice, yes.” - not sure who said this but I did not want to leave it out.)

It would be wise to be discreet. If you did teleport here, then teleport away soon before you contract it.

They decided to head down the stairs to enter the summer gate/portal. Once again they stepped through a shimmering veil of energy not unlike being in water. They could feel and then see things begin to blossom with life and brilliant colors.

The stairs were still there and in better shape. But there was an elevator but it moved really slow so they decided to stick with the stairs. They arrived on the level with the open area and the pool. They emerged and the city below them was full of people celebrating something. The pool was clean and beautiful. To the left were shops of all shapes and sizes all of which had people going on and out of them. To the right was the 3 story inn and it was as busy as the shops were. Down the street beyond the inn was an even larger building also lots of people. They decided to see what this party was all about. When they got to street level they saw all kinds of vendors selling dragon treats and mementos of the Dragon Wars specifically honoring the Brown Dragon Knight. They decided to go to the temple/church to see if they could find Saeris.

Guards were at the entrance and they would not allow those who are not elves into the temple. So Jiro, Ruven and Gary head to the temple. Elves were all around the large building. There were also houses and other residential areas. As they came closer to the temple they saw less people and almost all of them were elves. The temple was lavish. There were trees growing within the large tree. When they entered the temple they saw rows of pews, an altar, incense burners, other pilgrims and huge stain glass windows.

On the ceiling hanging from one of the many chandeliers was a key. The key.

(one key in the pool, one key chandelier in the temple of the nature god, two more needed to be found)

Gary strikes up a song to cause a diversion for Ruven. He does a good job but he is told to leave after he plays his song. The party is down away from the temple.

Ruven casts Mage Hand but it does not work. The chandelier is too heavy and the key is attached to it.

Gordy turns into a bird and then gets invisible cast on her and she goes to get the key. While invisible she changes back to halfling so she can unscrew the key from the chandelier. She puts the key in one of her pouches, changes back into a hawk and then flies out of the temple. As she was leaving she heard someone mention about a strange squeaking during the time when the key was being unscrewed.

She returns with the key and they all notice that the key has image of a sprout, identical to the symbol over the North portal. They were not sure if they should leave or not. They decided that some folks would go back down to the street to see who is in charge. Was it a king or some form of the council that came before. The others would wait with Rhom to see if he would ever get to meet with the clerics of the Temple of the elf earth god Yuraban.

Gary and Ruven found out that this was just the beginning of the party and that it will last a week. The Dragon Wars were 200 years ago and the city had created a large memorial to the Brown Dragon Knight. He had been from here. Walking past the inn they see another the large building. It was an enormous temple to the Brown Dragon. It looked old but it has not been neglected. In front of it was an enormous statue, 15ft high with a dragon amulet around his neck. He also has his shirt off.

Located at the base of the statue there was a small sun that looked like the one on the key we have. It felt like an odd place for the symbol.

They found out that the council had it commissioned and that it would be dedicated that night.

Not too far away, Ruven found a small museum to the history of Wrangledeep and as well as all things about the Brown Knight. The exhibits traced the history of Wrangledeep. It was built by elves that had left the elf mainland. They had been branded traitors but they did not let that bother them. The found this beautiful tree and decided to build their homes within the tree. The battles with the evil dragon god were told and much was given to the Brown Dragon Knight Kirdan. His family history was displayed.The city saw much growth, they made great strides in producing wine for export.

They came outside and saw was that everyone was drinking wine. There was a very long line. It was a very expensive wine at 5gp a glass and they had heard people say that the wine was on sale. Diana get a glass of wine and gives it to Rhom saying, “This is the plague”

How is that, Diana?

“The vineyards stood until the death of the realm….they were still harvesting it even in the other periods”

The wine smells divine.

She casts detect poison and disease and does not find any Shanasita uses her magic staff to cast detect magic. (do not remember what she found)

Rhom took a drink. The wine tasted like a spring day.

She knocked the cup from his hand, “Are you an idiot?”

Shanasita looked in horror at the drinking of it, even if she’s not fully convinced.

He shakes his head, “It may be the contagion soon, but right now this isn’t the vector by which it spreads.”

“Besides, Ruven’s wife might not have had wine.”

“Are the children drinking it? Didn’t Saeris say the children died first? Or was it the non-elves?”

It was the non-elves, the short lived folks who were first to get the plague. Then our children.

They found out that there were two people on the council. Ruven began to believe that this was the time that the plague actually began. But how?

The statue dedication began later that evening. There was a large crowd gathered around the Brown Dragon Temple. If you are not elven they do not like that you are there near the temple in the middle of the city. A stage had been setup near the statue. There was much fanfare with individuals, mostly the wealthy moved forward to get a good spot near the stage.

An elf comes out on the platform. They recognize him. It is Eravan. The crowd cheers. He is much younger but it the same man from the mural and the older creepy elf.

Eravan speaks:

“I knew Kirdan. I grew up with him. It warms my heart to remember him. And thank him for his sacrifice. Several minutes go by.

Another elf appears, a female elf. She is shouting at Eravan. “You monster! I will stop you!” And she starts to cast a spell. Rhom instinctively cast Counterspell. She stops short not knowing why her spell did not work. The guards seized her and tackled her to the ground.

They arrested the woman and she kept yelling out “Eravan killed them. You have to stop him, he will kill us all.

(not sure who cast dispel magic on Eravan but nothing happens.)

Eravan continues to speak:

“Council woman Estelle has been a friend and an ally. I am choked up about this. I must go but thank you for coming.

The crowd gives him applause and the fireworks show begins.

The guards take Estelle up the stairs past the guards that had stopped Rhom earlier.

Rhom used his Witch sight to True See Eravan for what he truly was. But it is just Eravan.

Rhom thought quick and did the following - So here’s the sequence run while invisible, misty step to her, grab her, say “Come with me if you want to live” and then dimension door us both out.

It worked and they are transported 200 feet downwards on a lower staircase.

Gary casts Sending to Rhom and Rhom replies “We’re heading down….away from the party but down”

Rhom speaks to her: “Just hold on, I’ve got you, lean on me. Pretend you’re drunk”

Who are you? The elf asks.

“An adventurer that made a mistake he’s trying to correct”

You must let me go. The statue has to be destroyed. He has had it tethered to us. He sunk in is claws into the stature and he will kill us all.

Rhom hookshots the elevator which is going down very slowly.

Rhom says “We will destroy it but you won’t get past all those guards while they are looking for you. Because to them you seem crazy and looked like you were attacking the other guy”

I was attacking Eravan and I would have blown them both to kingdom come.

Rhom: “I kinda counterspelled it.”

You, what?

“I am sorry, I saw you casting and I reacted.”

She casts a spell on Rhom - Drop/Let Go - Command spell

He drops her.

Rhom uses the Pearl of Power, generates a spell slot and casts Dimension Door and teleports to the ground to try and catch her.

She casts featherfall and lands a ways away from him.

Why do you want to help me?

Because we’re from about 500 years in the future where a plague has killed your entire realm. We came back in time to rescue a friend that was kidnapped from us.

Modura: “800 years in the future actually.” assuming he’s in earshot.

What kind of plague? What does it do?

It seems to effect women mostly it seems.

That sounds like Eravan.

Now, please…wait for my allies and tell us the whole story.

My once friend and councilman is a monster and he will destroy my people. I had the ability to stop him and you got in my way.

Will you stop a moment, you already failed once. We came from that future.

Shanasita “Hi, can we, um” ::is passed by Estelle:: “okay… Am I allowed to follow you now, or , uh…”

She wants to blow up the statue…I screwed it up

Modura: “Oh. We can probably do that. What’s it made of?”

What’s in the statue? His essence.

Hey Elf lady. The guards are looking for you now. You won’t make it up those stairs.

Rhom - No idea but miss stubborn skirts here won’t stop for five minutes

Modura: “Well, we’d have to destroy the statue to get at it, wouldn’t we?”

Guards have surrounded them. There are around 27 guards,

Darkness was cast in front of them to try and slow the down

Please, councilwoman Estelle, come with us. Confusion cast by Shanasita that slowed down around 15 of the guards.

She is about to throw her life away if she doesn’t stop and act rationally

No, expose him as a monster….show your people. She is not sure that will work. He has slowly taken away their freedoms and they have not complained for he has made their life prosperous.

Let’s start with the statue then, but do it smartly Can we do it with fireworks?

Come with us. We will be going into the past to potentially stop this from even getting to this point

Modura: We have to make her believe we say who we say we are.

Show her the keys.

Wait….the statue had a sun…is it in the wrong time period then?

Open the door to Autumn and step through.

Rhom in the meantime finds somewhere to collapse for an hour.

They then try to explain the plague to Estelle and how they think Eravan is connected to it.

In our present time, he’s still healthy and fit, and everyone else has withered and died. He’s linked these four periods together I think…he’s broken the circle and is feeding off the energy

Modura: “My current theory is he’s draining people to be a lich, but it is a bit of a conjecture.”

That creature is not my friend Eravan.

Just before statue was brought out the night before, I went to speak with him and I found him alone in a chamber peeling skin off like he was taking off his clothes. He had a hideous form. He walked over to the statue and shoved his claws into the statue, tethering the statue temporally to us and the land.

He has created four seasons that repeat, the same time over and over again

I see something. I need to talk to my people

Even in our time he looks the same, I would have seen otherwise

“A mask. That would explain it.” Looking at Rhom.

Dammit….that’s why Witch Sight doesn’t work.

I think he’s the brown dragon.”

Rhom says “I’ll stay here….I need to rest to regain my magic”

“She wants to speak to the workers. They did not speak with us. “ “Yeah, but she’s local, we clearly weren’t.”

Let her fail and be surprised if she succeeds.

Uhh…time statue…circle…connected… Destroy the statue in a different time?

Estelle speaks: “Arafor - I am speaking to you.” Arafor says but I saw you executed. “As you can clearly see that has not happened. Now tell me what is going on here. “

This is from the plague. We get sicker every day. King Erevan has tried to assist us and aid us but so far nothing has happened.

“How did he become King?”

It happened gradually after you were executed. We had just one councilman. Now he is king.

“We came here our new home to avoid having a king” Estelle says.

I don’t know what to do now said Estelle. I thought by destroying the statue it would destroy him.

He is wearing a mask, a skin.

He has always been councilor. We were raised as children together. We left our homeland to establish this land together, flee tyranny.

They climb the stairs to the platform and it hits Estelle hard.

Brown dragon Temple is in decay and the statue of the Brown Dragon Knight has been blown to smithereens.

They ask about the 3 council members.

Kirdan - Brown Dragon Knight and not part of the council. Was best friends with Alden.

Alden -Died in the dragon wars Estelle Eravan

Do we go to the Spring time? Stop Alden from dying or save Eravan or both.

Down the stairs and go to Spring time.

Spring gate and Estelle is going with us Step through the Spring portal. They have the water sensation as before. They feel a shift. It is very fast. Tree is smaller. Surrounded by mushy ground. There is a hall in middle of the trunk. There is a small beautiful tree in the middle full of cherry blossoms. They look out the doors and see elves planting and working to create areas for the vineyard. There are no orchards so far. Stairs are still there but are more rough than the other times. Estelle speaks: “This is the founding tree. This must be centuries ago shortly after we first came here. The tree was hollow on the inside. Se took a seed from a tree from our old home. That is the tree with the cherry blossoms. It was destroyed in the Dragon Wars.”

Be on the lookout for the sprout symbol.

There has to be a connection.

Sun - statue Spring - sprout on founding tree Autumn - Winter -

They probably have to remain intact and uncorrupted.

She knew the nursery rhyme that they spoke of: “Four legs, say when, Four steps, start again.” The four season all are one time. But she is not sure how Yuraban would be involved.

The headed up the stairs once more to see what was there. There was a small market. The pool was clean. On the left were houses On the right was the inn but it was only one story.

They could see the Drown Dragon Temple. It was built 5 to 10 years after they had arrived. The 3 council members had the idea come to them in a dream. The god came here to give us a great weapon to be used for a great task. That was to fight in the Dragon Wars and to use the Brown Mechadragon.

“We were blessed by the gods. Kirdan was chosen by Eravan. She points above them and they see the giant brown dragonmecha flying down and then lands on the roof of the dragon temple. Kirdan called it his chariot. We were such a small community then and the dragon threat stayed away for the most part. They came to our Tree of Founding, got to our front steps. We met the group and we showed them.

Eravan was involved in the fight at the Founding Tree.

Do we touch the key to the spring symbol?

At the Dragon temple, stepping out of the front door of the temple was the Brown Dragon Knight Kirdan

He is wearing the brown amulet and he had something glistening around his neck as well. It looked like a key. The winter symbol was around his neck.

They go to speak with him. Asking about the key. He said it was a gift from the god. I am forever in his thoughts.

Where is Kirdan buried? In the Dragon temple.

Show him the summer one and he says that great things will come to you as well if you have that symbol in your possession.

Rhom walked past him and in a low voice said a few things about the control systems of his mech only he would know. Rhom says my dragon can split into 5…what does yours do? Kirdan is taken back and does not believe them when they say they are the current Dragon Knights. He said he had things to do and he left.

They decided to go to the Brown Dragon Temple through the Fall portal. They get to it and it is in disarray. No one has cared for it in a very long time. They make their way through the ruins and finally found a sarcophagus in the back room Inside of the coffin they find one arm bone, one leg bone, and one other bone.

And a key.

They take the winter key and step through the winter portal. There is very little light. It was the desolate wasteland from before.

How could they activate all four keys at once. That is the only idea we have.

They notice now that the mural has changed. The king still has his head in his hands face down but one corner which had been empty, now the decayed church to Yuraban is there.

The church of Yuraban had destroyed at some point but it had not been burned in the Fall timeline.

We have to break the cycle. All time is one.

Estelle will need to destroy the statue. It will disconnect the statue from Eravan, the land and the elf people. I spent all night studying she says. It must be done to disconnect him temporally.

They needed to see if they were changing things and if they were resetting once they had left. They decided to go to the mounds to find Misaka’s grave. Ruven used the ring to find it once again. The grave was still dug up.

Modura wandered away from the others and found a large mushroom not that far from the mound. On it was the symbol of the snowflake, It was the only living thing here. Estelle made it clear. We have to destroy it. This time loop is unnatural.

Modura smashed the mushroom with the lightning hammer. It imploded then exploded and a spectral snowflake floated down to the ground and disappeared. They hear a very loud weird high pitched shriek.

They go to the Fall portal first and check the mural. The king was now standing over a pile of corpses, blood dripping down his body onto the figures he is standing on. We ask Estelle if these are the folks she had said Eravan had killed. She said no. Those figure are you. He is threatening us. We did not have much time.

The group decided that they would go in this order: Fall


Summer will be last. They can be there to assist in destroying the statue.

Was the mural accurate depiction of what is happening? No, as the king had not defeated the group.

The clues were there but we needed to be sure we destroyed the correct items.

Estelle decided to go back to her time while we went through the other portals. The mural would change if we destroyed the correct items. She would wait for us to destroy the statue. We would destroy the statue last.