November 21, 2020 recap

The group arrived back at the yellow temple. Rhom needed to do repairs on the black dragon but he found that was repairing itself as time when by and would be completely repaired after a long rest. Modura is still in in a political stalemate but has started leading his people. They have decided they need supplies and that Zara wants to talk with Alistair about the coming end of the world and what she has discovered. The genasi are getting together a caravan to go to Whitestone

The group may end up as reinforcements for Whitestone.

Zara wants to talk with Whitestone and beg him not to go to war. Does Alistair know you’re coming? “Diana….you might wanna warn your dad he has a diplomatic entourage on route” The group decides to go to Whitestone with caravan. Rhom needs to go to Whitestone to visit the Guildhouse and Temple to Sulis. It will be several days journey.

Diana will fly on ahead to talk to her father about the genasi caravan as well as Zara wanting to speak with him.

The group fills up several carts with supplies. Hope to get more supplies when in town. There are needs for the genasi community at the yellow temple as well the diplomacy that Zara was to attempt.

The Airship is headed towards the elves to open up ties there. Hopefully.

Thermafax (sp), can we kill him from the outside? Or the inside ? The group knows that the original dragon knights did not kill him. He ate the city and then buried himself in the town and has been waiting there ever since, Shayla Iceheart was Zara’s presumed identity. They believe she is dead since she has not been seen since the earthquake and fire several weeks(months?) back. The bloodshed from the pending war can and will be used by Thermafax to summon Draccus. Lady Karis the leader of Ember is a dark paladin of an evil god, the exact opposite of Alistair. Should we evacuate all of Whitestone? Where will the people go? The dragonmechs could fly to the front lines and harrass the army and find Lady Karis

Everyone discussed and debated as the caravan traveled. Rhom kept an arcane eye active the entire time to scout. The group saw many migrating rats. One plan would be to scry for Siren, capture her, make her tell Alistair her boss’s plan. Get Father Slushie to do the scry since he is god of knowledge and all.

Rhom tries to reach out to Diana to see if she arrived safely and find out what her Father said. Yes, I did meet with him. He would like to speak with all of us at a war counsel tomorrow. Alistair knows about the dragon mechs but not about the Vermafax’s plan.

The next morning we set out for Whitestone after camping the night before. After a couple of hours, start to see the city. Guards are checking people into the city. Keep things relatively low key, other than announcing ourselves as allies to Whitestone at the gates. Rhom asks Diana to see about getting us in the city easier. It might take a bit.We can get in line. We are with people with hair on fire. Rhom uses the Arcane Eye but there is anti-scrying magic on the city and he sets off an alarm. He see more mechadragons gathering at the gates. Rhom will admit to it, if asked. The line comes to a complete halt. Rhom sends to Diana “I set off an alarm by accident. I didn’t know there was a shield up” The city is on high alert now she says. I guess I should have warned you. Rhom hops off the wagon and tries to tell the guards I’m sorry, my ‘familiar’ got too close Well otherwise the line may be shut down a long while. Modura stays with the line. Shanasita stays with the caravan since she is worried she might be thought of as an Ember spy.

“Calm down, I’m not cutting, I’m apologizing to the guards” Rhom tries to tell the others in line

A group of armed soldiers arrive at the gate. They stop in front of us. It is the captain of the city guard. Alistair and his daughter would like the group to come for a meeting with them. But not the caravan, only a small group of us for the war council. People do not like that we are cutting in line

“Sorry….gotta go do important hero things”

The group does not trust the lesser mech dragons. The group does not see a lot of people on the streets.

“Please tell me there’s gonna be wine at this meeting…I have a feeling dealing with Alister is gonna be a three pitcher meeting”

The people trust in Alistair that he will take care of them and the city the captain of the guard tells the group.

The group arrived at what was once a busy marketplace. There is a commotion off to the side. The clang of swords off in the distance. The guards ignored it. The guards say they will attempt to restrain us if we attempt to check things out.

Shanasita : “Uhhhh… what’s happening there?” And someone over there may be killed by the sounds of things. Modura frowns but continues onward. Shanasita keeps looking back at the sounds, though. I am Life’s Champion says Rhom. He attempted to go to the commotion. Rhom ran ahead and saw drunken folks at the tavern. City guard are telling them to go home and to do no more drinking. One guard has a broken nose and one drunk has had his arm wrenched. Rhom stopped and look the scene over….any risk the drunks might draw weapons?

Not businesses should be operating at this time. The city is in stages of a war. Cantakerous bar patrons recalled seeing us on a wanted poster Some of the guards catch up to Rhom and ask him to come with them to the palace.

“I was seeing if your arm was broken. I heard weapons…I reacted instinctively” Rhom told the guards.

The group went through many checkpoints. The group’s IDs give off warning messages. The captain talks to them and they let the group through each checkpoint. More and more guards as we get closer to the palace. Zara shows up dead every single time when she presents her ID. Lots of time to get us through the checkpoints.The last checkpoint closest to the castle will not listen to the captain. There has been an incident and they are tripling the amount of security. Diana comes and gets the others. She had to vouc for us. The incident was in the sewers. Soldiers were attacked and killed. We know there are portals in the sewers. Sounds like the guard were down there looking for them to shut them down.

“What kind of mood is your dad in today?” tense, stressed. In his element.

The group is led into a large room with a few windows.

At the center of the table is a symbol of whitestone. Alistair welcomes his daughter and us to his palace.

Rhom unhooks his sword from his belt and sets it on the table before sitting. “Do you know this blade sir?” “I know what that blade is, if that is what you are asking.” “Then you know the weight it conveys to the owner.” “It is an honor and privilege to carry such a blade.”

Zara spoke first “We are here to petition you not to make war.” Alistair responded “Perhaps you are talking to the wrong group.” Zara continued “The dragon’s scheme is to bathe this land in blood to bring his dragon goddess Draccus back to destroy the world. Do you say we take up our belongings and flee?

Rhom focused on the others in the room, looking for anything out of place Modura said “I fear that may be the best plan, yes.” Lady Karis wants all of us killed. Alistair said “There is no place to take my people. We would have starvation in the wildnerness.

“Then we stop the army a more direct and simple way”

How do we do that?

Modura looked at Rhom “Cut off the head? In essence….Lady Karis is a dark paladin yes but she has a patron of one on one combat How about we suggest a champion vs champion combat at the Pit. Is it just/her we need to remove, though. It could be a delay to get people out of Whitestone? There are three sections of the army, at the river, close to the forest and in airships. It is an enormous army. How far around with airships? Rhom spoke “Here is what I propose then….we harass them with our …. allies… and make the cost of war quite expensive to her and make the option of single combat more appealing.

Alistair says you all have large metallic ones, the dragon knight mechs at your disposal.

The group is hesitant to use them. I am hoping tomorrow you all would be willing to do a demonstration for the public. Modura said “there’s one missing. We may want to secure that last one first before any public display. It might prove beneficial even if just a handful are seen. It would be greatly appreciated. A few would be enough to rally the troops. If we reveal them, confirm their existence…that will give away any remaining element of surprise I am more worried that the enemy may work to secure the missing one ahead of us if we were to so openly reveal them.

We have tonight to investigate the sewers…we can harry the supply lines on the way to find the last amulet…. Alistair would provide Housing for tonight. He will be speaking tomorrow at noon. Please stay the night and join for presentation. It could be as we leave to look for the aqua dragon

If its who I fear it is…its beyond guards. Shanasita said We know what the problem in the sewers is already. Zara can find the portals for them and assist them in taking the portals down. But she continued to argue for leaving the city.

Just to be sure….I’m within at least 30 feet of the people in the room not in the party? Not everyone but most of them. Generals looking at maps. No illusions that Rhom can see. He is Witch Sight…so if there are any illusions he could see through them.

The group could send Gary in to handle the sewers. Gary could also call the guild in if it’s needed.

There’s no way to safely evacuate the entire city I think. Nowhere to run, even the elves couldn’t take in a populace this large. What elves? Have they not sent their envoys yet? They are probably in line waiting to enter the city. The entire elven kingdom to the east has recently returned. The group saved an elven kingdom nearby and the country now exists again. Modura and Ruven moved to the maps and pointed out where the kingdom located once more

Rhom said “There is a giant tree. You cannot miss it.”

The generals were confused. They have never seen the tree before.

Rhom asked to confer with his patron and seek her advice on the situation. Can we alter the end point of a teleport? The portals are fixed. So much for using them to evacuate the city. Rhom continued “I need to go to the temple…but I feel drawn to investigate the sewer problem I’m not sure I will ever win the spell from Rena. I need to seek alternatives. Let me pray on all of this before I make a decision If Zara is working on the sewer portals Shanasita stick with her. Also she needs to get the final attunement for the amulet.

If nothing else we can let Jemporary do it and say they are upgraded versions of the ones on the city. Gary will aid aid Zara in the sewers. Extra spells are good there.

Rhom is going to pray and try to get answers from Sulis. Also he hopes to power up the sword of Sulis.

The group split into three smaller group in order to get things done quicker.

One to the Guildhall – Mitsune, Jemporary and Jiro

One down into the sewers with Zara, Gary, Ruven and Modura

The last to the Temple of Life Rhom and Shanasita.


This is what happened in the sewers. Three soldiers two were stabbed and one had their throat wrung. none of the soldiers had weapons drawn. Modura found a dagger in the water. The dagger was unlike any the he or Ruven had seen before in Whitestone. It did not look like the that was used to kill the vampire. It was not like any they had seen in the area where Siren’s children army had been training.

Modura, Ruven and Gary follow Zara to go to the next portal


Temple of Sulis Rhom asks for permission to pray at the altar and to purchase some holy water One of the few places you can visit

It is starting to get dark

Shanasita felts more at ease in the temple, confirming a suspicion that Sulis is related to her powers.

Rhom will wait and if someone looks hurt or sick I will help them

Rhom went to the altar and prayed. I put the sword on the ground before me and use the water to purify it and pray and ask for guidance. The priests recognized the sword of Sulis but they do not say anything.

Nothing happens.

“I know you set me on the path, Lady of Life. Please, just a light in the woods. I need to see the route”

Rhom hears nothing, sees nothing. Things are a bit out of hand so Shanasita casts Calm Emotions on the crowd. They are more relaxed but still they are still concerned.

As for the connection to Sulis, she is not sure and does not know how to ask anyone. She finally approached a priest and asked bout her powers. The lesser priest said they do not know about such thing but she could see the head priest in the morning. Talk with him. He should be able to guide you.

Rhom takes the silence as being she can’t help or wants her champion to pull himself up by his bootstraps and do the job she gave him. He got up and collects the sword

“Will you release the blade’s power to me in the coming strife Lady?”

After speaking with the priest, Shanasita sees a cloaked figure in the shadows as she and Rhom leave the temple. The cloaked figured withdraws behind a building.

Rhom saod “Let’s go say hello. He then turned invisible and Shanasita goes invisible also. They moved towards the figure who they found was looking around the corner.

Rhom can see Shanasita with his Witch Sight.

Rhom walked up to the cloaked figure. “Evening…it is a good night to visit the temples isn’t it?”

The cloaked figure was startled so Rhom said “Easy easy…I am not an enemy” And he removes the invisibility.

And she slaps him solidly. It hurts and his head spins

The cloaked figure sees that it is Rhoma and she foes down to one knee. “I did not know it was you. I apologize.”

“Who are you? My name is Alexandria. She had glowing red eyes, pale skin and black hair, Was she a vampire?

Shanasita stayed silent and acted as Rhom’s backup.

Why the kneeling? said Rhom.

“I come on behalf of my master. I cannot talk about it in the open. I should not have striked you.”

Her master was Cagavian Atabarand, the younger vampire the group saved from the assassin.

Shanasita followed along silently,remaining invisible for now.

The walked down several streets past many inn and taverns. They arrived at a decent looking inn and went inside and up the stairs.

There was an old man on a stool. He says nothing to Rhom but nods as he and the vampire girl enter the room.

But the old man blocks the door stopping Shanasita as she tries to follow.

Rhom said “Forgive Sita, she is shy”

The old man pulls down the cane. We were no expecting two visitors. He grinned and showed he sharp teeth with a wide smile.

They see Cagavian Atabarand. Rhom spoke first. “As both a servant of life and true death this is very very awkward”

I cannot think of a better way to do this said the vampire.

I would like your assistance in something as he attempted to kiss Shanasita’s hand. She pulls away but she did not cast any spells this time Rhom said “You are a friend, so I will hear your request”

“Not all vampires are in agreement over the war. There are some that do not support the leaders in this endeavor. I would like to speak to Alistair and hope to gain assurance if things go bad in Whitestone that we do not burn bridges.

We are willing to become turncoats to help our families.

I have sent messages to Alistair but he has not yet responded. I am not supposed to be in the city and well, Alistair does not like my kind.

“I do understand yes, the views of some leaders do not reflect the will of all” “He was willing once to hear you out, I may be able to secure a safe meeting”

“Would you like to stay for some dinner?” said Cagavian

“I would be happy for a meal, I have been praying for quite a while today.

They have a meal but Cagavian only sips from a chalice. After they leave the inn, Rhom sent a message to Diana. “We may have an unusual ally but your father will need to be willing to meet them under a flag of truce”


Mitsune, Jiro and Jemporary head to the Guild Hall to check in There is lots of activity inside and out.

Members of the guild are setting up stacks of food and drink as well as pens filled with livestock. Someone says they are stocking up for a long siege. Rina says I expect you will help with this. I have several casks that need to be moved pointing to Mitsune.

Mitsune says I am here on different business. I was hoping to talk to you directly. My companion Rhom is really keen on getting the dragonstrike spell (is that the correct name?). When the cards are on the table what’s it going to take for him to get it?

That amulet around your neck. That will work. Replies Rina. What if I give it to you after the war and bad stuff is over? Then we will talk about trading the spell then… She gives him big puppy dog eyes. Mitsune says I am serious. This is my serious face Rina says.

((That’s not Rina’s style is it?))

I think the amulet would work or 100 million gold.

Oh well, Mitsune tried

Couple of hours later and Rhom, Shanasita, Modura, Ruven and Gary are back at the guild hall with everyone else.

Gary asks about sausages. Rina says This stockpile is not here. Tell no one about it. They had a meal at the guild and everyone helped with the supplies. Over the meal they discussed what they had learned while around Whitestone.

The soldiers in the sewers were ambushed. We found this dagger.

Shanasita recognized it. That is Lady Karis’ personal assassin. Do you mean Siren? No, someone else.

“Diana and Alister are in danger. Diana, did you hear what we’re talking about?

This is an assassin (North Wind) who specializes in sniping. One of four, named after the winds.

“Rina!” yells Rhom. Arm wrestle right now!

Ruven and Modura actually saw this assassin while in Ember. Modura was told by Zara about Lady Karis and the North Wind are responsible for the destruction of Akkadia. Dagger in the fountain had the same symbol.

South Wind North Wind East Wind West Wind assassins of Lady Karis

Rena offers the same as Mitsune the amulet that Rhom is wearing. He declines.

It is Rina and it does seem in character with her

These aren’t toys Rina. Rhom invited her to come along. She thinks on it and she may just do it.

Zara is in a tavern across town

Rina then says “So you get this other amulet for me and I’ll give you the spell

No….we get the amulet and IF it accepts you…then and only then will we trade

Rina shrugs: Fine

I mean, I was going to give it to you w/o that caviat but if you want to make it harder on yourself.

I’ll go without the spell before I lose a weapon to fight a dragon god

So you’re going to pilot 2 of those at a time?

Where is Matilda? The chicken?

Chickens are out back. There are a lot of them. I go glance, but we need to move…we’re wasting time

Head back to the palace and stand guard for Alister and Diana. Rhom is going and anyone else wanting to stay up with me can but its either going to happen tonight or during the Alistair’s speech tomorrow.

How do we guard them?

I’ll talk ahead to Diana and see if we can’t get him at least to move to room with no windows….I’m keeping the arcane eye in his room with him and patrolling the halls,

Arcane eye spell fails and an alarm goes off

Fine I’m staying invisible and watching.

Shanasita, Ruven, Modura are going with Rhom. Shanasita takes first watch by their bedroom, but she won’t stay up all night.

“God dang it, I’m turning into Theorne…” Rhom mutters to anyone within listening range.

Modura volunteers to do it on a last watch

“Wait…shouldn’t Theorne have some of his damn silver spies around here?”

So it ends it being Rhom and Shanasita on first watch. They will both be invisible. Modura and Ruven will be on second watch.

Shanasita and Rhom hear footsteps ahead in the hallway

There is a guard running down some stairs Is he trying to raise an alarm or just fleeing? Shanasita and Rhom give chase, “What’s going on?”

Nothing! All is good – runs down a corridor – runs to a door. A bathroom door, Was he one of the bedroom guards?

I want to check in case this was a deliberate food poison thing or something to weaken the guards Go see the bedroom guards.

Up the stairs and there arestill guards at the door. The guard wasn’t from here. Back to the bathroom as the guard is exiting the bathroom.

“Ask him if he needs a medic”

Are you okay?

A man’s voice – it is Rhom. He reveals himself.

“I’m good at being unnoticed…”

“Are you unwell?” No, just too much chili for dinner.

“Very well, we’ll return to our patrol then”

The rest of the patrol is uneventful.

Shanasita sleeps in the wardrobe of the room she’s given.

Modura and Ruven are now on patrol. A guard glances at Modura and does a double take and then says, nothing wrong sir. What is it both Ruven and Modura say. How did you get here so fast? We just saw you 40 seconds ago.

That was not me.

Rhom arrives at the kitchen and saw cooks cleaning out tubs. Have I been through here? Ask Modura. No, cannot say that I have. You would be hard to miss. We did have a couple of guards who wanted some extra chili. Pretty sure there is nothing amiss in the kitchen.

Confused and tired, Rhom goes back to Diana’s room and insure she is safe and asleep before sitting down with his back to the door

On the inside

So if anyone tries to come in it will alert him

The night ends and the sun shines through the window

Rhom is asleep by morning laying at the door of his lady

Ruven Modura Shanasita

Shanasita asks what is that shiny on the lapel of his collar?

It was an ornate pin in the shape of a musical note. Rhom fights his anger Its a message. From her. Shanasita asks when did she… why would she instead of… Hold on and she uses the staff of the magi to cast detect magic.

Okay, well, no spells or anything on it, but still, WHY when she could have… done something.

Diana is still sleeping – Rhom runs to her room. Diana wakes suddenly and flings a pillow at Rhom. Turn out the light!

She then asks what was that music I heard last night? I had a tune stuck in my head. Over and over again. Modura casts detect magic on the windows and walls. They all glow.

Siren was here.

She left a little taunt. Rhom tosses her the pin. Have you checked on my father.

They all run to check on her father.

Daughter can I help you? Yes, I am okay.

They ask Alistair about the speech now that are pretty Siren was in the palace and she may still be. You may want to cancel the whole thing. Alistair will not call it off.

Rhom said “Listen…there are at least 2 and maybe 3 supernaturally gifted assassins poised to strike on you or your daughter or both.

Shanasita said that the East Wind is in town.”

Modura said A guard spotted a second me at one point. Someone was in disguise as me inside the palace

M: Was that not reported?

A mech versus a little human sized sniper? Diana, talk some sense into your father

Diana shrugs.

And Alistair prepares for the speech.

They decide to reveal the dragonmechs. They spread out around the courtyard and when the signal is given they all appear in the mechs and give a little show. Ruven sees someone moving through the shadows but it was only a pickpocket. It could even be his wife. He gives a chuckle.

The speech goes off without a hitch. They head back towards the war room.

They hear behind them and turn to see 2 elves, identical twins and identically dressed. They are joined by Siren.

Everyone but Rhom, Diana and Shanasita were enthralled.

Rhom was feebleminded Shanasita was stunned Diana was grappled and carried away

Flash of light under the war room door Door opens and…Ruven sees a shadow emerge from the room just as he is no longer enthralled. He does not see anything else.

Where was Alistair? Ruven thinks that he went into the….war room.

Siren says well, I think we are done here. Blows us a kiss and then walked away

Ruven and Shanasita went into the war room. Mitsune and Rhom went after Diana, the twins and Siren.

Inside the war room they saw powder burns, shards of glass, nom shard from a flower vase. It looks like it was used as a bomb. Alistair was on the floor with a dagger in his shoulder. Ruven and Shanasita could tell it was artifact level cursed dagger. It was slowly turning him into stone. Greater restoration only slow the spread.

Diana was able to escape the twins and ran to her father.

While they searched the room, Diana kept casting Greater restoration on her father. Zara checks Alistair out – determines that the only that can stop this is a Wish spell, a particular wish spell that only the Wizard School would have. The took the dragonmechs and flew him there. They entered an impressive room. Zara knows who can do this.

An hour later, he is going to be okay. Siren – two elves, shadowed person leaving the room – 2-3 of the 4 Winds, the assassins of Lady Karis.

Zarra is expert in teleportation magic. She can look into how they escaped.

Alistair wants to talk with the group. He looks like he has aged 5 years and he is Moving slow. He thanks everyone for rescuing his daughter and for saving his life. It could have been awhile before anyone found us.

They apologize for not being able to do anything else.

The sat down and came up with a plan. They would need to secure the aqua amulet. Then take the full compliment of dragonmechs and hit Ember’s supply line. Take the group head on. Hard.

Increase the security around Whitestone especially the palace. Increase the antimagic areas and put up barriers to enthralling and enchantment on the guards. Siren was able to charm and enthrall the guard who in turn just let them in.

“That’s what the dragon wants….this attempt was set to anger us to attack…we’re still playing right into the trap”

Rhom tells Alistair about the vampire request. Alistair said “I do not trust vampires but I will talk to the turncoats. Any potential help we can get I will entertain.


Aqua dungeon and the last amulet

The summoned their dragonmechs and flew off in a random direction. After a while they turned towards the aqua dungeon.

They asked Diana to expedite the elven envoys and to make sure they are taken seriously.

The group entered a rolling forest. No one sees a tower or any other buildings. Just woods. In the distance to the north you can see fires and the river that leads to Ember. Must be the bonfires of the army on the march.

Cannot see anything for the trees but their amulets tell them that the aqua amulet is directly below the.

Rhom jumped out into the woods and then dimension doored down.

The others flew close to the trees and jumped onto trees and then climbed down.

The forest floor was covered in pines needles and easy to walk on.

They come upon a mushroom ring. It was 10ft in diameter. The mushrooms are non-toxic you can eat them. Mitstune eats one and sees door way over there in the trees. She tells everyone and then walks into the door. The group all eat a mushroom and follow Mitsune through the door.

They find a path with mushrooms along the side of it. The mushrooms started getting bigger and bigger. The trees are taller and taller. They see a pinecone the same size as they are. It towered above them like trees

Mitsune can barely pick up a pinecone.

The amulets flickered oddly.

The path now has immensely tall trees and lights dance along the path like fireflies. Multi-colored fireflies

“I do not think we shrank. This dragon probably controls dimensions”

Ahead across the path was a fallen tree. It was around 45ft to the top of the tree The amulets did not work.

The group spots a sleeping dragon up the tree. It looks like a small dog, a golden retriever. It has butterfly wings. It was faerie dragon.

Rhom calls up to the faerie dragon. “We’re looking for an amulet, would you happen to have seen one?”

Yes, I see several. They are dangling around your necks. Just look down.

“No. The one we are looking for would be aqua colored”

“One like these but not one of the ones we brought with us.”

A riddle? I can tell you one or you can tell me one

“Which gets us the amulet and no fighting?”

Here is my riddle. Seek you the forest’s stomach. You will find what you seek or it will find you.

Have any others have come through here? What did they look like? How long ago did they come through? (I do not remember what the answers to these questions were)

Cause to get to the stomach we have to pass through the mouth, cause I’m not going up the other end. Well, here’s the trick then. What would be the mouth?

Gary sings a song, an elvish song

Hey….dragon….would you be kind enough to carry us over this tree?

“Leaf litter consumes the fallen. Mushrooms consume the fallen. Well, we can set a rope up above it and over. The group climbs over the tree.

They move on down the path. Seems to go down and into rough tangle of brush

They hear the distinct sound of snoring. The dragon who has been following them says that is not me

Ruven casts Pass without a trace.

They walked down into the burrow and see a Giant wall of fur, black and white fur It is a giant skunk. Right in the middle of the path. There is brush but we can try to walk around it. It took some time to get through the brush stealthed. But they get passed.

The path takes an incline and then levels off. They see pools of water each 10 to 15 total. Each of the pools are around 5ft deep

Hey Dragon, these pools didn’t happen to have unfortunate souls to drown in them and so that if you fall into them you become whatever drowned, right? (Did the dragon respond?)

Water does not look very deep. I keep sending the little arcane eye “angel” from pool to pool looking under the surface. There was nothing under the surface besides the water.

Shanasita – cast Detect Magic and found that all of them are magical

Jiro touches one. Just puts his finger in it and he Gets pulled into the pool

Gary grabs a hold of Jiro but he is gone and there is a strange dwarf standing in front of them.

The dwarf dries himself off. He is a disgruntled dwarf. He leaps into the pool and out comes another wet dwarf. That dwarf jumps into another pool and now a male bunny hopped out of the pool in Jiro’s shrunk down gear. The bunny jumps into another pool. It emerges much bigger. It now has leaves, roots, and a beard. The group sees an ent.

The group noticed that the path picked up on the other side of the pool. The trees are tall and have many branches. On the branches they saw several large squirrels all were holding large acorns. Three of the squirrels toss acorns at the group.

The group tried to take cover. The squirrels aimed at Modura and Shanasita. The acorns exploded like bombs and they dealt a lot of damage

They instead headed deeper into the forest

They heard a booming.

They moved towards a field with large blades of grass the same height as the group. The group is hit by several bolts of lightning. Storm clouds drop on top of them. They saw the path ahead and run towards it. They all take some damage but they make it through the lightning storm.

The forest starts to get darker. They see dark webs from giant spiders. It is really dark webbing with twinkling lights to guide the group. They come across a stone staircase up to an enormous bowed tree. They saw a larger than normal giant spider.

Rhom asked it can we pass without a fight?

The spider replied, you cannot pass- if you try I will strike you.

So who do we talk to so we can pass by? Who asked you to do this. Master of the forest told me

Is there any way we can talk to the master of the forest so we can get your orders changed so we can pass?

Modura or Shanasita cast Banishment and the spider disappeared.

Everybody RAN and got to the other side of the spider.

They heard a voice. That was Binky. He is a good spider. I am glad you did not kill him.

We did not want to get close to him.

They see the faerie dragon hanging from the tree with his tail

Are you the master of the forest? He never really answered. Are you still looking for that amulet thing? It is hidden to keep bad people from getting it.

They continued down the path. Huge flowers that hung over their heads and giant bushes hovering over them.

They came to an open area of the forest with nothing in it but mushrooms, large mushrooms. And they saw an aqua light at the top of one of the largest mushrooms.

They also see little multicolored things near the mushrooms. They seemed to be moving.

That must the aqua amulet and this must be the Stomach of the Forest

They hear the voice again. It was nice to know you. I hope you taste good. All of the small multicolored things come together to form a giant dragon made up of millions of tiny faerie dragons.

Then something dark and really fast runs past the group headed straight for that aqua light. The shadowy figure drops or throws something that started smoking but nothing else seemed to happen.

They heard movement behind them and they turn and see the two elf twin brothers. They have Diana and she was bound and gagged. Rhom telepathically communicated with Diana but he did not get a response.

So what’s the dragon doing with the one heading to the light?

Diana! Rhom says. “Tap your foot. how many pitchers of wine did I have at the elf party?

Struggles with the bounds and stomps the ground six times.

Rhom said I only had one. Rhom does not think it is her.

The shadowy persn has dark hair, a thin cloak and lots of daggers and it was moving very fast.

A wall of fire erupts in front of the group. It was more of a flame wave separating those that went towards the dragon and those that stayed to try and rescue Diana. Rhom cast Forcecage on one of the twins while Mitsune attacked with her axe. In 4 sweeping attacks, Mitsune cut that twin so badly there was not much left of him.

Rhom released Diana.

Just beyond the twin in the forcecage they could see Siren. She held a small object the color of aqua. Somehow she got it from the shadowy person and was now getting away.

Modura and the assassin were eaten by the big dragon but tiny mouths biting them all over instead of stomach acid. It was not pleasant.

Ruven did his best with his bow to give support but was not enough.

Everyone had taken a good amount of damage (at half HP or less) and their spells were getting low.

That was when the group noticed the lich that had been summoned from the smoking bottle was about to cast a spell.