September 14, 2019 recap

Following the defeat of Steel, the arena was a mass of confusion as some of the indentured servants started to flee, the minotaurs began fighting themselves and taking victims towards the labyrinth for food and just general chaos. The adventurers were joined by (forgive me if I get the name wrong, trying to do this without my notes) Winston Cam, the cleric of Pooka that they had not seen since the fight against the mummy lord. He had been there the whole time but had remained invisible.

Multiple skirmishes against the minotaurs (not rolled out for brevity sake) as they drove the surviving minotaurs back into the labyrinth and sealed the entrance to contain them for now. Then they went into the temple converted into lair of the dragon once more. In the rooms they had not searched, they first found a bathhouse with two mermaids chained to pillars. They freed them and sent Ruvan and Mitsune to Ember which was closer to the rivers and ocean to get them back to the sea. The treasure hoard had a lot of statues, some looking a bit odd like people frozen in fear…and of course there was a Medusa there as the dragon’s security system. They dealt with her fairly rapidly and then searched around, discovering quite a bit of platinum among the gold, several valuable gems and the real treasure…a Staff of the Magi. Rhom convinced Shanisita that she would get better use of it than he and she loaned him her web wand as the staff could also produce that spell effect.

Locating someone high up in the pit’s former command structure (named Guido for now), they set things in motion for him to run the day to day operations in their absence with a few minor alterations such as mounting Steel’s skull to the front entrance and telling him that the official story was that Steel hadn’t been a dragon, it was all part of the show and he had elected to retire and see more of the world while he sought out warriors worth his skills to challenge. Rhom also took a prime location in the vendor areas for a second location of his tavasa coffee company.

Bedding down for the night, during the last watch, a ghostly figure walked through the wall and beckoned for Shanasita to wake her allies and follow. They did so, and followed her out into the woods and onto a game trail. This led to a small abandoned cabin. While no light came from the windows a golden glow showed from under the door. A detect magic spell came back with a confusing result.. while yes it was most certainly magic, the school of magic read as divine which was a result no one understood at first. Opening the door, it was obvious this was some kind of portal as the house beyond the door frame was huge and richly decorated.

The group was sent back in time by Bornmahl to prevent the death of one of his clerics bu the name of Dianna. Ends up Dianna is the daughter of Alistair. She had been killed directly or indirectly by Tataka Mareesh, the rakshasha that the group had encountered several times. He is connected to Vermathax in some way. After, rescuing Dianna they traveled back to their time and Dianna was waiting for them. She agreed to come with them to the Yellow Temple to be the second high level cleric that was needed for the attunements to the dragon knight amulets.