E’Gelloo 0305 B100821-B G Na Va

E’Gelloo (Mandala 0305) is a densely populated vacuum planet with a robust cyberdemocratic tradition from the pre-Imperial days that sits somewhat uneasily with the social conventions of nobility. Perhaps as a result, its professional gravball arenas have become host to semi-theatrical face-offs between teams tacitly representing different political and cultural affiliations. The Traddi Tyrants, in particular, are widely despised on E’Gelloo, while the E’Gelloo Extraterrestrials are nearly unanimously a planet-wide favorite.

Gravball. You play gravball in a spherical variable-grav arena. Players have to climb and jump to get into position to hurl a gravball into the opposition’s “star” to score. It’s hard and fast, with a lot of movement. You can tackle to get the gravball, so it gets pretty rough. Falls are not unheard of.

To simulate a match, have the captain of each team roll its dice for each half. Other PCs on the captain’s side can help, of course. DMs: Tactics, Leadership, Agility standard modifier.

The side that’s up at the half gets +2 to its roll for the second half. The side with the higher roll at the end of the game wins the match. Ties are possible.

NPC Teams