Yagra Stonefist

Image 1 Doesn’t back down from a fight Not at all squeemish, she has seen things others haven’t An orc has to have a code It’s all in the game Davil Starsong, lieutenant for the Black Network All I ever had is my pride, it’s the one thing I’ll fight for. Father orc is still alive but no contact. Father was tribal chief, “Green skin mean people” Mother human, captured by the orcs, deceased. Has a grandmother she takes to temple. One living sibling, half-brother, all other siblings dead. Lives with the orc tribe. Grew up outside Waterdeep, in village raised by a poor farmer who died in a plague, used as a mule. Childhood marked by hard labor. Dug a lot of graves after the plague. Orc tribes tend to create barbarian She wants to put her grandmother in a Waterdeep estate. Vister saved Yagra from a troll attack in the Yawning Portal. Vister heard a rumor that Yagra is really good in bed. There’s something big going on between the Zhentarim and the Xanathars Totem: Earrings made from the primary tusks of her eldest brother Tattoos: Thighs have a pair of eyes, Yoke tattoo around the chest from being used for farm labor. Superstition: If a fey looks you in the eye, they are trying to read your thoughts.