Jaguram is a planet in Cell 0101. It has an A-class Starport. It is 8,000 kilometers and has a surface gravity of 0.45. It has a thin atmosphere. Its pressure is 0.43. It has small seas and oceans. It is 16% water. There are an estimated 65,674,083 people on this planet. They are ruled by a Charismatic Dictator named Hobbent Nercigri. All weapons, drugs, data off-world, and remotely dangerous items are forbidden. Outworlders are nnot allowed. Citizens may not leave the planet. The Technology Level on Jaguram is 8. There is a Naval Base, TAS Base, and an Imperial Consulate on Jaguram. It is a Gas Giant. It is a relatively poor planet. There is an Amber Alert on this planet because it is very secretive and cut off from the Sector. Do not enter premises without being invited.

Jaguram 0101 A5537AA-8 NTCG Po A