Freaking COLD Amber Temple


FLAMING SKULLS some heat at least.

POTIONS a room full of potions.

COLD again.

VLAD’s CASTLE, only a model.

COLD still.

TOME of UNDERSTANDING, we all know that angels aren’t wise.

A FEAST, a beautiful dining room, to good to be true.

SPECTRES not at all “schlimme Dinge”

LIGHTNING MAGE joins the party.

COLD, could at least be fire mages.

GOD OF SECRETS statue in a huge room.

BURN the tables, a nice warm rest.

VERY ATTRACTIVE obsidian statue of the god.

TOO ATTRACTIVE, we cover him.


SKULLS, piles of

LEGENDARY ITEM, unfortunately just glue.

WAND OF SECRETS, from a random mage corpse in a guard room.

COLD and some other rooms.

SMALL TEMPLE, like an autopsy theater.

STONE COLD MAGE, after some initial blasts, we decide to help him kill some golems.

AMBER GOLEM, we ambush him.

SECOND GOLEM, we are a bit shocked but the first dies soon, the second follows soon after.

DIRECTLY back to the mage, druids are swift.

STONE COLD LIAR, not his best idea, he had a golem control unit on his stone cold body.


The Lightning Mage is still alive.

There is a secret room in the Head of the great statue.