Session 07

It seems that very little of this part of the adventure is remembered… only some old crumbly scrolls with some fragments are left…

We know that the children were rescued.

Some strange part about Hrothulf changing in a wolf and running away.

Something about one of the children biting others.

Obviously the heroes wanted to go to Krezk.

A line about a sighting of a skeleton rider on the horizon.

It’s several days to Krezk so they must have rested.

It seems the child bit again, Fi stung him afterwards, which lead to some children fleeing.

Some notes about a fight against zombies and a strange note about children dying in a radiant blast.

The heroes finally arrive in Krezk.

Here are two sources, the bishop writes about him resurrecting and saving the children out of sense of duty.

This doesn’t make sense when compared with the heroes’ story of him sending them to get some wedding dress.

They went to Vallaki with Ivan.

It seems that Ivan was sent to get the dress.

Meanwhile there has to have been an encounter in the Old Bonegrinder.

It must have been a rather hasty return to Krezk. It seems the mayor was rather unreleased about Irinas story.

Reports in the town chronicles of a huge wedding and the miraculous return of the villages children.

The heroes have found the Holy symbol of Ravenkind in the abbey.