Session 10

The story of how we got rich (in money, knowledge and evilness)

We wake up to the squawking sound of our friendly owl and to the sight of a flickering wall. Not the best way to wake up but we fight a blast from the past that smells like a perfumed dog who crawls through a portal door only to disappear again. For us to be safe again, one has to touch an (almost) dead small boy.

We all know this fight is not over so we discover our arch enemy again in the head of the immense statue of The God of Secrets but his flicker seems different this time (must be due to the different kind of rocks there, of course). Some of us can fly and everyone fears and frightens everyone. There is quite a high amount of fear happening all around. But our fear leads to victory and our prize is a robe with useful items patched into it (a bag of 100 gold coins, an iron door, a wooden ladder, a pit, a riding horse, a rowboat, mastiffs, a spell scroll of moonbeam). After all these traumatic experiences he has been through lately, it is only fitting that the small almost dead again boy should take the robe. After all, it keeps him warm.

We go to sleep again. We see someone we don’t recognize bowing in front of the imposing statue while eating a toad, but we don’t let that disturb our sleep. After we wake up we continue our exploration and find 3 witches with their 3 brooms chanting some words near a shut door. We decide not to talk to them but burn them instead. The last one of them (sometimes visible, sometimes invisible) starts shouting and cursing us while „A man goes to the barber…”.

Our friendly owl gets hit by flying a piece of wood. We are sad but still glad that his owner didn’t suffer the same faith while we fight a Poltergeist. As our reward we get the spell „the wall of fire”.

One of us gets tempted by the shiny promising sarcophaguses and gains a deepened connection to the dark side, a year of protection against charms, cooler eyes, the ability to fly at 50 feet with wings made of bones, and 3 persuasion spells along with 2 more fingers. After death and entrapment is discussed, some of us are persuaded and charmed into believing that nothing has changed.

We realize that there is an amber fetish in this temple of amber and that we should learn from experience and avoid all temptation. Well, not quite all of us learned this lesson and one goes back to receive even more charm and the ability/flaw (call it as you may) of not taking no for an answer.

We also get tempted by the impressive treasure of gold that we admire after we defeat the powerful amber golem. The day gets even better when after helping a powerful confused Lich to regain his memory, we receive access to 50 levels of wizard spells from his library of spellbooks. He will probably get pretty annoyed at us soon so we better continue our search after a few days. After all, we have a goal to accomplish, or should we just retire now that we are so rich?