The journey to the Amber Temple

We are waken up by undead demon goats (immortuos capra daemonium). During the fight we notice an Warlock fighting the beasts. She introduces herself as Nethis and joins our fight against the devil Strahd.

After a long and tedious discussion we decide travel to the Amber Temple via the Tsolenka Pass.

In the mountains we reach a gate blocking our way. My good raven Grossschnabel flies away to gather some intel, but is immediately slain be two gargoyles guarding the gate. Oh Grossschnabel my dear friend you will be dearly missed!

Seraphil sends his owl to scout the gate again, Oh lord, why could you not have taken this pitiable bird instead of my proud Grossschnabel? The owl raises the attention of a Roc which grabs Berenger, the old servant of Hulderic. It seems scouting is a very dangerous activity in these mountains… Oh lord, why could you not have taken more of the servants of Hulderic instead of my dear, dear Grossschnabel?

The gate glows in a green light, harming anybody entering it. Seraphil makes short work of this by dispelling it. We pass the gate and a haunted tower next to it.

We move towards the Temple of Amber. A goat (commune capra frigus montem) charges Seraphil, missing it. We are living in a goat infested region!

Finally we reach the Temple. It is really, really, really cold, I change into a polar bear wondering how non-changers deal with a constantly changing climate. We traverse a a temple with twenty faceless humanoid statues in alcoves outside. We climb down stairs to be attacked by three fire skulls. After dealing with them easily, reinforcements arrive: Thugs and a dire wolf. We prevail again and find a magic wand.