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NecroWonderland - In Search of Nothing

Scenario Summary

The Dolls are attracted by the reflection of a church bell and are on their way to investigate. This reflection has also attracted the attention of the local Necromancer, The King of a Thousand Faces, who has sent his minions to investigate, including his Servant, Raethix.

The reflection is a result of the Doll Nil, who has escaped another Necromancer, Grandmother. She moved the boards blocking the bell out of the way, causing the reflections. She has also taken to ringing the bell once in the evening, in hopes of attracting any other “Free” Dolls.


The Church

Nil’s hiding place. A once-neat little chapel surrounded by modern buildings, it survived most of the battering from the war, only sustaining one major injury, a hole in the roof caused by a mortar shell. Nil discovered it could be entered from another nearby building, by rappelling down with a gun she secured… somehow.

The Players’ actions and choices affect what they find in the Church.

In both of the latter endings, Raethix will choose safety over death, knowing that she is more valuable to her master alive and knowledgeable than dead. If she is killed, her body will most likely be recovered by The King.