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In Search of Nothing

The Barricade

If the Dolls skipped the Bridge, Share this before.
Going out of your way, you follow the river up, up, the lazy black sludge running opposite on it’s way to whatever horrible, garbage-choked sea. After almost four hours of walking, you find the remains of another, smaller bridge, that is missing several parts in the middle. With care and time, you make your way over the bridge.

River Crossed
Crossing the river, you find the entire city laid before you! Except, not really. Long ago, this place was the home to some kind of battle, of course, but with the amount of blown out metal giants and rubble it was probably really fierce. The buildings rise up like empty tombstones, occasionally shuffling with the vermin that can survive in the land of the dead. If there’s anything green here, it’s not managed to make itself known, instead being crippled and mottled brown and grey. Against the curdled milky yellow sky, it’s not a pretty sight, but it’s something you’re probably used to by now. It just wears away at your heart, every time you look up.

If the Dolls Skipped the Bridge, Share this after.
It’s a long walk to double back, but after a while, you come back to that massive bridge, the ruins of the last train to cross it, and your trail.

Continuing Onwards
Picking your way through the rubble and over crumbling buildings, you can avoid the living dead with some ease. Of course, if you’re so inclined, you can cut down the straggling undead, but if you observe them, you will notice they all seem to be heading in the same direction. You can feel a pull on yourselves too, like some kind of invisible wire, trying to gently tug you along.

In a morbid sense, going in your direction makes the pull increase, and you start to notice more and more of the undead. Shambling with purpose, they don’t seem to even note your presence as they make their way, stumbling and crawling over the stones of the dead world. They’re dressed in a motley of clothes and armours, and some of them are even carrying weapons. Occasionally you can spot one of the creations of the horrifying necromancers, loping through the ruins with overly-long legs of flesh and metal, multi-jawed mouths hanging and drooling blood and bile.

Up ahead, you can hear the sound of combat. Looking around, there’s a building several stories taller than the rest, it would probably make for a good vantage point.

Avoiding the undead, which are conglomerating into packs at this point, you find your way to the tallest building. Inside it’s been gutted by fighting and looting and fighting and collapse, but the concrete stairs seem to have been reinforced enough. They don’t even crumble that much under your footsteps! Although as you go up, you start to get a distinct sense of being too far off the ground, and more and more of the city comes into your sight when you look out the windows or the blasted craters where walls once were.