The Kingdom of Aggash

Baronies in the Kingdom of Aggash

Name of BaronyCity SeatCurrent Tenant
The Barony of EdosWarrens EdgeEmperor Anbu II
The Barony of UrrupalEaduMir Elutur Alar
The Barony of MedumaMaradMir Aros
The Barony of DugaluGlowshaleMir Eligar
The Barony of AnnanakNasirMir Andalar
The Barony of AnnarosSirens NestMir Suna Alar
The Barony of UntarDarkholdMir Engalar

Barons and Baronesses are Addressed As Mir [Name] of [Barony].
As such, The Baroness of Sirens Nest is known as Mir Suna of Annaros

Other Important Titles

TitleCurrent TenantForm of Address
Lord Protector of Glowshale-Tartan
Lord Protector of Edos-Tartan
Lord Protector of Annaros-Tartan
Lord Protector of Untar-Tartan
Protector of Uppercrown-Rabsaris
Protector of Dale-Rabsaris
Protector of East Tower-Rabsaris
Protector of The South Throne-Rabsaris
Protector of Darkhold-Rabsaris


Lord ProtectorTartanCommanderProtectorate
PeasantMunkeshSerfPlot of Land

There are also a number of additional Titles which relate to Siblings and Children of a Ruler. If the Ruler has more than 1 title(King & Mir) For these it is a Rule of thumb to use the Higher option, The Exception to this is with the emperor, for this title you use the next lowest title, I.E. An Emperor-King’s Siblings would use the King Titles(Royter, Royteir)

Base Title Son Daughter Sibling
Emperor/King Royteir Royelle Royter
Lord Countier Countelle Comester