The Dragonshards
These powerful artefacts are the crystalised souls of Elder Dragons Killed during the Dragon Wars. Each Shard possesses powerful Abilities
The Prophet Varmir Farseer once suggested that if all the Shards were reunited, the last dragon would awake from stone to “Protect the flock from wolves of man”.
The Known Shards

The Lost Shards

Cloth Wraps of Rat Storage
Myth is Scant on the Origin of these Gloves. It is stated by some that they were made by some mad mage while others state that the creator was simply Hard of hearing and misheard . The origins dont really matter, just the outcome.

The Horn of Karkadann
A Bulls horn banded with gold rings and beads. When The Deep Tribes Were Ruled by a Single High King. This Horn would be used to determine the Successor to the throne, and kept as a prized possession. With the presumed death of High King Sadin 300 years ago, The Horn was lost and the Deep Tribes broke down, eventually forming the Tribes known of today. When Held by someone of the bloodline of Faidh(The Bloodline of The Old High Kings), the Beads glow Red, otherwise they are dull.

The Red Cap of Giving
A Red pointed fluffy cap with a white brim and tip. Originally used by Saintnik.

D10Item Effect
1Potion of Healing
2Spell Scroll(Cantrip)
3Potion of Climbing
4Spell Scroll(1st Level)
5Spell Scroll(2nd Level)
6Potion of Greater Healing
7Bag of Holding
9Spell Scroll(3rd Level)
10The Deck of Many Things
D10Item Effect
110GP Azurite
250GP Bloodstone
3100GP Amber
4500GP Alexandrite
51000GP Black Opal
65000GP Black Sapphire
7250GP Gold Ring Set with Bloodstones
8750GP Silver Chalice Set With Moonstones
92500GP Fine Gold Chain with a Fire Opal
10The Deck of Many Things
D10Item Effect
10The Deck of Many Things