The world was born in the Dawn Age, created by unnamed and unknowable Creator Deities who left the world soon after. It was in this first age that the Created Races were born and The Elder Dragons first took dominion over mortals.
It was in the Dragon Wars that mortals threw off their shackles and warred with their dragon overlords eventually slaying them. This event created the dragonshards and the Dragonborn Race.
The Age of Heroes was a mythical Age where mortals rose up to create many wonders and perform many great deeds. The World was a magical place.
In the Sundering the World was Split into two Realms known as Sithnan and Dhansin. The old orders formed during the Age of Heroes fell apart and the world was left in ruin.
The Age Apart was one of regrowth, of building on the ruins of the old and Striving to Rebuild on the Old.
The Return was a Calamity for the rebuilding world. The Pillars that Held Sithnan & Dhansin apart buckled and collapsed. The worlds slammed back into one another causing Magi-Natural Disasters across the World.
In The Fabled Era, The World was tired from ages of destruction and creation, the rebuilding was the easy part, coming back together after so many years and changes was the difficult part. Eventually, the world prospered. The Age came to an end in the Dusk.
The Dusk, also known as the world end, Is the Current period of history. It began when the sun disappeared and vampires came out to pillage the surface and mortals ran into the Underdark to protect themselves.

The Dawn Age

The Dragon Wars

The Age of Heroes

The Sundering

The Age Apart

The Return

The Fabled Era

The Dusk

A Written History
Many Aeons ago, the world was empty, the first gods had yet to arrive, and no living things scampered the lands(The Aboleths state that they still lived, and lived in the depths of the seas).
The first gods arrived, they made the water rain, the grass and leaves greened, and the water was blued. After this work was done, they made the first mortals, aligning them into 3 races: the humans, the elves, and the dwarves. They made the 10 Great Elder Dragons to protect their creations, and the lesser dragons to carry out their will.
The Gods then left, leaving their creations to carry out their wills.
New gods quickly took their place, the dawn gods, deities such as Moradin, The Raven Queen, Ioun, and Lolth.
This age was known as the dawn age, it was the birth of the realm, and of history, and it ended in fire.
The Great elder dragons, soon grew Proud. “We were made by the gods to protect man, to carry out their will” they said “What about our own”. They decided to rule over mortals rather than protect them. The Dragons ruled brutally. and while many submitted to their rule, many others revolted. This time became known as the Dragons wars. The first battles were brutal and many lost their lives, but it was at the battle of Durnfeld Reach that Nielrayg, The Red lost their life. It was here that the dragon souls first made themselves known when Nielrayg’s own soul crystalised into the Warior Shard. This brough shock amongst Dragon and Mortal Kinds, and led to far more brutal attacks from the dragons. Mortals are nothing if not brave, and they too did outnumber the dragons by an insurmountable number. It shouldn’t surprise any modern reader that it didn’t take long for the second dragon to fall, Fremmyde, Of Brass followed swiftly by Remryrirth, The Green. These dragons formed The Acrobat and Health Shards. With these dragons down, their lands were all in open revolt, the people had seen that their overlords were dictators and could be defeated. Yet again modern readers shouldn’t find shock in the next events, the attacks quickly fell to human settlements on the eastern continent, these lands were purged of all mortal life. In revenge, Tayndru, The Blue was slain in single combat with a warrior who’s name lies lost to history. Piarvarad, Of Copper died swiftly after, unnable to live or focus without his mate.