The Kingdom of Llantwe

Baronies in the Kingdom of Llantwe

Name of BaronyCity SeatCurrent Tenant
ConaLlaeneQueen Rhoswen Nic Cathain
InenConweKing Domnall Mac Riada
RenmaErenKing Seamus O Caomhain
EhmanKilcalanQueen Elise Nic Siadhail

Other Important Titles

TitleCurrent TenantForm of Address
High Clann Cona-Chief
High Clann Inen-Chief
High Clann Ehmen-Chief
Clann Aurillac-Chief
Clann Donebar-Chief
Clann Ardalk-Chief
Clann Dunhal-Chief
Clann Dubhach-Chief
Clann Gall-Chief
Clann MacRigh-Chief
Clann Artair-Chief
Clann Padruig-Chief
Clann MacLurig-Chief
Clann Eilidh-Chief
Clann Muireal-Chief
Clann Arailt-Chief
Clann Cathail-Chief
Clann Aodh-Chief

The High Clanns are Selected from the Clanns men by the High King to act as Military Commanders, whenever an old High Clanns man Dies. It is a position for Life
The Clanns men are Elected the Knighthood by the Petty Kings every 9 years, if a clannsman doesn’t get reelected they are demoted to a Knight however they gain the Title “Knight honor”.


MonarchHigh King/High QueenMonarchKingdom
LordPetty King/Petty QueenLordlyBarony
KnightRiderLordlyKeeps & Castles
PeasantPeasantSerfPlot of Land

Petty Kings and Queens are often Addressed as King or Queen, it is only when their title is mentioned that they are [Name] Petty [Monarch] of [Title]. I.E. Seamus O Caomhain, Petty King of Renma