Character Creation Quickstart

Behold the character creation Quickstart!

Roll your stats!

Charisma [[3d6]] Constitution [[3d6]] Dexterity [[3d6]] Intelligence [[3d6]] Strength [[3d6]] Wisdom [[3d6]]

Refer to the Ability Bonus chart and consider whether the character is suitable.

Pick a class.

Roll your Hit Points (your hit die plus (or minus) your Constitution bonus). If your total is below a certain amount, you take the minimum listed.
Roll 3d6 and multiply the total by 10 to find your starting silver pieces.

Buy your equipment and take encumbrance into account.

Armor Class

Melee (M): Armor + Shield + Dexterity Bonus
Ranged (R): Melee+1 if using a Shield
No Shield (N): A character’s normal AC without a shield.
Surprised (S): Melee AC without Shield or Dexterity bonus with a further -2 penalty.

Equipment Packages

The Essentials

* //Backpack// (1 sp)
* //Candle(s)// (1cp each)
* //Chalk// (1 cp)
* /Garlic/ (1cp)
* /Ink/ (1cp)
* Lantern (3 sp)
* 2 Flask(s) of Lantern Oil (10 cp)
* Mallet (3cp)
* /Paper/ (2cp)
* 2 Standard Ration(s) (1 sp)
* Rope, 50' (3sp)
* /Iron Spike/ (5cp)
* //Sack// (2 cp)
* Tinderbox (1 sp)
* Wineskin (1 sp)
* //Whistle// (1 sp)
* //Wolvesbane// (1 cp)

9 Encumbering Items; everything worth 16sp 3cp. Source.