Comments on County Anshuara Map

River: Lucida Calligraphy (Black, 14pt)
Other Natural: Lucida Handwriting (White 16pt)
Other Minor Natural: Lucida Handwriting (White 14pt)
Nation: Gentium Book Basic (Turquoise-like (#009999) 24pt) with Red Outline Size 1 ←Temporary font
State: Gentium Book Basic (Turquoise-like (#009999) 22pt) ←Temporary font
Other Political: AutoREALM Mentelin (White 20pt)
Other Minor Political: AutoREALM Mentelin (White 18pt)
Road: Rockwell Condensed (Black 14pt)
Other Infrastructure: AutoREALM Mentelin (Red 16pt)

Nation: AutoREALM Blackletter (Turquoise-like (#009999) 28pt) with Red Outline Size 1
State: AutoREALM Blackletter (Turquoise-like (#009999) 26pt)
– Ian Schlom 2019-09-26 13:57 UTC

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