Lamentations in Niðwundor

This is an old campaign that wrapped up. It took place in County Anshuara and was primarily a delve of the Tomb of the Serpent Kings.

The World

Standard dungeon fantasy fare. Many grim-dark tropes. Life is cheap, monsters are deadly, traps prolific, and the treasure is probably worth it. (Real description lost in the mail)


I’m happy with player-created deities. Primarily the gods worshiped are based on the culture. Our common polytheistic gods are available. There are Celtic gods, Egyptian gods, Germanic gods, Greco-Roman gods (generally separated into two separate cultures), and more. But these will depend on which analog your character is from. The differences between the pantheons is sometimes seen as merely a different presentation of the same gods (this is obviously very prominent among the Greco-Roman worshippers).

Campaign Statement

An easy-going campaign of death where the “heroes” bounce around in a dirty hole.


Campaign Concerns

For mapping together, gridmapper could actually be very helpful. I’ve used it to map out some areas. It’d actually be very useful for you to use, because it has a collaborative mode so you can all map simultaneously.

For Additional Items & Their Prices, see LotFP Price List. For instance, marbles aren’t listed so any items you make me come up with I’ll list here. Also, some items might require some additional attention and description, for which I’ll probably rely on either Labyrinth Lord or the Basic Fantasy RPG.

Finally, the Dungeon Procedures will primarily be up to exploration. When you enter a room at an exploration pace I’ll give a description of everything in the room. Regarding traps, however, it’s up to you to examine floors and ceilings and walls, prod everything with a 10’ pole, and pour your water on the floor.

Setting Concerns

Religion, Law, & Chaos

Especially for LotFP, the form the religion takes isn’t as important as its substance. The idea of a divine plan and serving that plan is essential, but that substance could reside in the form of a pantheism. Feel free to create whatever you’d like, but it must fit the idea of the described alignment.
In the area that this campaign is taking place, worship of The Authority is commonplace.

Player Characters

List your characters here and link to them [[like so]] to create a page specially for them. On those pages you can offer a description of your character, provide a background for them, and even use as your character sheet. If you’re making a new character and you’re unused to making LotFP characters, refer to the Character Creation Quickstart that I made for another wiki.

Character Class LevelXPXP NextPlayer
Alphonse CloutierSharpshootah18912000Robinson
GoldieEldritch Idiot Savant19192250Austin


Visit the Graveyard from time to time.

Character Class XP Level Cause of DeathPlayer
DaveSpecialist201Lightning TrapMason
Gaewyn VerdectFighter201Lightning TrapDjentletouch
JerryTinkerer621Lightning TrapJohn
LoradielElf621Lightning TrapGathrl
Retirement Village
Sister Clover ChipsworthNun12011750Mason

Sessions Reports

My (and hopefully your) session reports will be listed here. I will grant 100 XP for folks that write up a session report.