Welcome to Pogshire! Pogshire is a friendly village within the valley of County Anshuara. The town’s goods and services are rural (according to availability and price).
A map of the village of Pogshire


Inn: The Good & Tasty With Beds

Located in the town’s plaza. The street outside is lined with colorful signs and banners. The inn is a small wooden building, with a single salvaged stone wall and roughly hewn wooden tables and benches. Accomodations consist of woolen blankets near the hearth for 1 cp a night or small, cramped rooms with uncomfortable beds for 5 cp a night. The innkeeper is a serious but friendly man named Æðelflæd. The inn generally hosts merchants and adventurers. The current patrons include a gruff-looking dwarf, a meek elf, and a unscrupulous halfling.

Tavern: Noxious Delights

The literate are given pause by the bizarre name of the tavern. The tavern is visited primarily by the townsfolk of the town and the travelling ruffian “adventurers” that often spend time in Pogshire for some reason. The tavern is owned and operated by Bercy Beefhands.


General Store: The Pewter Assorment

The literate are given pause by the misspelled sign above the store’s entrance. Alfred runs the general store here in Pogshire. The store offers mostly farming equipment, but can provide all of the containers and miscellaneous equipment at their usual prices (rural).


Friðuswiþ runs the smithy in town. She is familiar with how to make all of the rural weapons and shields and sell them at their usual prices.

Ferry & Canoe

There are two ferries which can help people across the river. Charles and Yorple alternate shifts ferrying people across the river for 1 cp per trip. The newly constructed bridge has taken away most of the business, but Charles and Yorple still offer their ferrying service.
To supplement their income, they have taken to becoming minor shipwrights. Charles or Yorple can construct and sell rafts and canoes for the standard prices (5 sp and 25 sp, respectively).


Lord Warren Spyorka

Lord Spyorka is the local lord of Pogshire. He is stern but somewhat absent-minded. He lives in the small castle of Pogshire.


Prominent local merchant. Mostly trades between

Geðwine the wise-woman

Presumed witch of the town. She lives toward the outskirts of town.