The Fighter

+1 HP per template.
A: Cleave, Parry, +1 Attack
B: Threat Assessment, Tricky, Splinter Spear
C: Impress,Sentinel, +1 Attack
D: Extra Attack

Whenever you reduce a creature to 0 HP with an attack, you can make another attack with the same weapon against a target within 5’. You can only cleave an number of targets equal to your Level in a single round.

You can reduce incoming damage to a target by 1d12 points a number of times per day equal to your Parry-granting Templates. If you choose to sunder your shield to reduce the amount of damage you take, you may give up one of these parries to instead reduce the damage by 12 points.

Splinter Spear
Once per every two fighter templates you have, you may destroy your weapon to deal twice the damage.

Threat Assessment
For every 5 minutes looking at or 1 round fighting a creature, you can tell one of: how many HD it has (roughly equivalent to level), how many mundane attacks it has, and how much damage each attack deals. If you study a creature for a number of minutes equal to its HD, it can never surprise you. Additionally, if it’s a person and you make eye contact, you can tell how many sapients they’ve killed: None, One, or Many.

You get +2 to Combat Maneuver rolls. Additionally, whenever you attack and get exactly the number you needed, you may make an opposed Dex vs Strength or Dex (whichever is higher). If you win, you successfully execute a free Combat Maneuver.

Whenever you win a fight against challenging foes, people who don’t like you make a new reaction roll with a +4 bonus. This even works on people you just defeated in combat, unless you caused them undeserved or disproportionate harm. Hirelings get a +2 to Morale, or a new Save vs Fear.

Once per round, you can make an attack against a creature leaving your melee range.

I wasn’t sure whether I want to have the Attack bonus be at A and C or at B and D (+1/2 Attack per). I guess I’ll just have to experiment first. This thing is a Frankenstein of a hell of a lot of different fighters. Primarily, it comes from Skerples and Kemp (Tricky, Impress, and Cleave), Type1Ninja (placement of the extra attack and the later part for Threat Assessment), Lungfungus, and Princesses & Pioneers (Threat Assessment and Sentinel). Velexiraptor has an amazing fighter but I’m not sure that I drew from it for this fighter’s abilities beyond looking at her Threat Assessment.