The Knight

+1 HP, +1 Hireling morale, and +1 Save vs Fear per template
A: Challenge, Rally
B: Bodyguard, Cleave, +1 Attack
C: Parry, Push Through
D: Aura of Courage, Dragon Slayer

This ability only works on creatures that can understand you and are capable of being offended. If you challenge a creature outside of combat, they must Save vs Charm to resist accepting. In civilized areas, this is basically a duel, and this means that you and the other party must agree upon the time, the place, the weapons, the victory condition, and the stakes. Leaders will usually send out a champion to fight in their stead (if applicable). In combat, you can challenge one creature each turn by yelling at it as a free action. The creature must Save vs charm. If they fail, they will attack you. This ability cannot force an opponent to make major tactical errors or leap off cliffs.

If an adjacent ally would take damage from a physical attack, you can choose to take the damage for them. This ability has a 4-in-6 chance of succeeding.

You can reduce incoming damage to a target by 1d12 points a number of times per day equal to your Parry-granting Templates. If you choose to sunder your shield to reduce the amount of damage you take, you may give up one of these parries to instead reduce the damage by 12 points.

Push Through
Once per day, when you would be reduced to or below 0 hit points, you can be knocked prone and go to 1 hit point instead.

Aura of Courage
Adjacent allies can use your Save vs Fear in place of their own. This ability has no effect if you are currently afraid.

Dragon Slayer
Once per day, you can cause one of your physical attacks to deal +X damage, where X is equal to the HD of the highest level monster your party has ever killed. You must keep track of this. If you miss, this ability is not expended.

I moved the Rally ability from the Fighter to the Knight. It seems to me that the Fighter and the Knight are halves of the Basic Fighter. The Basic Fighter would be an accomplished killer and later possibly a landed lord. Rally is an attempt to help give Knights an edge in this respect (hiring henchmen and inspiring them like a knight does in fantasyland).
The abilities mostly come from the Skerples and Kemp knights beyond the fighter’s Rally (Type1Ninja), Parry (Lungfungus), and Push Through (Velexiraptor).