Urist the Dorf is a tough dorf. He swing hammer and doesn’t afraid of anything!

Class DorfLevel 1Alignment Dorf
Armour Class 12HP Gino
Age Naked Sex M&F Current XP 0
Encumbrance Unenc.Move 120’(40’)XP for next level 2,200

Ability Scores

Ability Base (Mod)Type
Charisma 15 (+1)Retainer recruitment, Loyalty
Constitution 9 (0)Hit points, daily travel distance
Dexterity 10 (0)AC, Ranged AB, Initiative
Intelligence 9 (0)Saves vs magic effects, Languages
Strength 15 (+1)Melee AB, Open Doors
Wisdom 15 (+1)Saves vs non-magic effects

Common Activities

Architecture3Bushcraft1Climbing1Languages1Open Doors1
Search1Sleight of hand1Sneak Attack-Stealth1Tinkering1

Saving Throws

Paralyze 10
Poison 8
Breath Weapon 13
Magical Device9
Magic 12