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Race Tables

2d6Race RerollPerkQuirk
2Elf ChaSave+4 vs charm & sleep Cannot use metal
3Gnome IntCan become invisible if you close eyes, hold breath, and don’t move -2 Move
4Halfling Wis+2 Stealth -2 Inventory
5-9Human -Swap any 2 Stats Don’t reroll a stat
10Dwarf Con+2 Inventory -2 Move
11(Half-)Orc StrCan Save to act when wounded (negative HP) each round until failed -3 Reaction Rolls
12(Half-)Goblin DexYou can eat garbage. Do not track rations if there is something organic (tree roots, fistfuls of moss, maggots or grubs, etc.) you could eat when you lunch/dine. You may still need to Save vs poison -3 Reaction Rolls