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Night on Bald Mountain 1, January 1 999

On January 1, 999, the party was summoned to the Monastery of St. Anthony by Brother Timony and received an intelligence-gathering mission in Reslav, a village ten miles away from Belgrade. There are reports of a ghostly woman who rises at sunset, walks to the town square, and then disappears. Villagers who have made contact with her have sickened and died. The party has been told to report back with more information, rather than confront the spirit directly. They’ve been given 100 gold coins– printed by the [[King_of_Thieves?]]– to cover expenses, including hiring bodyguards and other associates.

After leaving the monastery, Vincislav and Zachariah went to the [[Inn_of_the_Charging_Boar?]] for dinner and to discuss the mission. Vincislav recommended speaking to [[Sister_Isla?]], and they plan to head there tonight. Before leaving they met Ulfric, who came to the tavern for a drink and was frustrated when nobody understood him in Orcish and Turkish. Zachariah and Vincislav were able to speak to him in Greek– albeit an archaic dialect– and calm him down. The party bought him dinner and discussed that we were looking to hire muscle, and might consider him. He offered to work for them for 10 gold, but clearly did not trust the party. They agreed to meet with him tomorrow to finalize the situation, and privately agreed to try to find someone more trustworthy.

Experience Received:

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