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Night on Bald Mountain 2, January 1 999

After leaving the Charging Boar, Vincislav and Zachariah head to the [[Welcoming_Arms_of_St._George?]], to meet with Sister Iskra, Vincislav’s friend. They are greeted by a nun, who appears hostile to Vincislav, although it’s clear that they have known each other for a while.

Sister Iskra seems confused by Zachariah, feeling he’s too straight-laced to hire her for the mission described. He is not taken aback when she turns out to be a pagan priestess of a snake deity. She agrees to help. They discuss additional hirelings, mounts, and other accommodations, with a plan to leave for Reslav the following evening, on January 2nd.

She mentions Borislav, an acquaintance of hers, who would be happy to be hired. She also mentions Father Clario Vespuccio, an Italian priest who has been trying to convert her, and also sexually harassing her. Zachariah promises to deal with him, while they plan to look into hiring Borislav, in addition to the somewhat-less-than-trustworthy Ulfric.

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