Albrecht is the current “Lord of Nightwick,” a semi-recently created title that was held by Lord [[Eckhard?]] before his demise. He has recently taken over the village from Badder on behalf of Bishop Notker the Unshaven (see below). He has staffed the local [[The_Lord's_Manor?|manor]] with his family and personal retinue, who guard it diligently. He seems to run a tight ship, and is never seen in the village without a number of guards. He recently made a deal with the [[Howling_Kommandos?]] that subsidizes their pay for watching the village.

However he acted as a liaison between the Bishop and [[Abraham_Nermal?]] in an attempt to bring [[Stavros_Chrysophylax_Balsamon?|Stavros]] and [[Kozel?]] to [[Lychgate?]] for heresy charges.

Before this could occur, he participated in [[The_Battle_of_Vollage?]] in which he was captured by [[The_White_Lady?]]. The members of the Howling Kommandos have debated a rescue attempt in hopes that saving him will shift his loyalty towards them and away from the Bishop.

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