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Description: Boasting a population that covers a large portion of the planet, Druzil is a rare desert world that is massively prosperous. Sprawling cities cover the landscape where the sand is kept out and towering high-rises reach into the sky. Industries of every type exist here - some mining colonies exist where minerals are accessible, factories occupy the poorer zones in the big cities, and powerful corporations hold sway in the city centers.

As one of the few populous and rich worlds in this region of the subsector, Druzil boasts a Traveller’s Aid Society hostel and an Imperial Consulate. Despite the Amber security classification (Due to the inhospitable hydrographics of the planet, though that is offset by the large amount of water imported from nearby planets). This world sees a lot of traffic from travellers who seek steady work among the myriad opportunities the environment offers here.

Security forces here consist mostly of private military companies hired out by the ruler, Emperor Weisling. Much like its neighbour, Iskender, the law here is heavily enforced and subversive elements are viewed with some suspicion. However there is a lack of advanced technology on this world, and opportunities exist for high-tech traders and clever technocriminals.

Security Classification: Amber

Trade Routes: Iskender, Viche

Communication Routes: Tidru

Government: Druzil is ruled over by Emperor Weisling, a benevolent dictator who exerts total control over the corporations on the world. Through a clever combination of diplomacy, blackmail, and force, Weisling essentially holds the planet to ransom from the corporate elite that would prefer to be in power. Very popular among the general populace, Weisling is a venerable man who commands a great deal of respect even from the Imperium officials who claim power on his world.