Nomexis Sector

This is a sector constructed for use with the Mongoose Traveller roleplaying system.

Welcome to Nomexis Sector. This Sector is under the control of the Imperium. While in this Sector please obey all Imperium rules and regulations. Failure to abide by all Imperium laws will result in prosecution, violators may be fined, incarcerated, rehabilitated, or executed.

Please be aware that interstellar travel in this sector carries myriad risks that the Imperium is not to be held accountable for. Travellers should familiarise themselves with the local laws of all planets they are visiting. The Travellers Aid Society exists to help Travellers mitigate these risks, but it is not to be relied upon to solve all problems.

Subsector M15B


Subsector M15B of Nomexis Sector is the furthest core-spinward subsector, it comprises three major clusters of systems - the [[Tourophos?]] Cluster, the [[Natixis?]] Cluster, and the [[Axiom?]] cluster. It contains several well-travelled and lucrative trade routes.

Define external redirect: Carbyx Zitika Natixis Ferron Biropa Vitanta Trellin Farrick Harendra Serri Riti-biqua Richemos Altur Drura Axiom Genemys Ryx Olchon Tourophos Archon Mollick Drurry Proche Viche Tide Quint Faurus Zornomos Darvin Jyn-dramos