Description: An unusual desert world teeming with opportunity. Millions of people live on Iskender, spread across a multitude of colonies. The atmosphere is unbreathable to humans, containing far too little oxygen for respiration, necessitating the use of special breathing apparatus for all human inhabitants.

The primary industry of Iskender is mining. The planet has a massive volume of interesting and valuable minerals, gemstones, and other materials that are both easy to access and easy to extract. A logistics network consisting primarily of cargo trains ferries all of the mined materials from the camps and colonies that dot the surface to the capital city, Keller’s Triumph, so named for the founder of the ruling family.

The Imperium has classed this world as ‘Amber’ risk due to the atmosphere, but it does nothing to deter a huge number of traders and travellers who come here to haul goods to and from Drura. The central starport in Keller’s Triumph is in a state of disrepair - neglected by the ruler, but the volume of trade done here is barely impacted.

Security on this world is handled, thoroughly, by the personal army of the Kellers. Mostly ex-army and hired mercenaries, Keller keeps them in line by giving them a great share of her fantastic wealth. Soldiers enjoy a level of prestige that elevates them above the general populace, mostly consisting of miners. The miners (and travellers) are monitored closely, and any attempts at subverting Keller’s influence is stamped out quickly.

Security Classification: Amber

Trade Routes: Drura, Vidru, Druzil

Communication Routes: N/A

Government: Jessa Keller is the matriarch of the Keller dynasty, she is revered and hailed by the populace of Iskender practically as a deity. The Keller dynasty has held Iskender in an iron grip since the first mining colonies were settled here by the Imperium. Thanks to the massive profits generated by the mining industry on Iskender, the Kellers enjoy a vast amount of wealth. Ruling from a palace in the center of Keller’s Triumph, they keep the population in line through a mixture of propaganda, information control, festivities, and military force. Residents who do not think highly of the Kellers will quickly find themselves the subject of either scrutiny or exile.