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Description: Reubel is an Earthlike planet in the furthest spinward region of M15B. Reubel is orbited by Starport Indigo, a sprawling complex housing a huge number of Imperium forces, including a naval base, TAS hostel, and an Imperial Consulate. As Reubel occupies a rare spot along the border of the Nomexis Sector it is considered a place of some strategic importance.

The population numbering in the tens of thousands mostly lives on Indigo and on some settlements along the planet’s surface. Due to a high concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, surface dwellers spend a lot of time indoors and air filters are, naturally, a standard piece of equipment for people living here.

A lack of industrial capacity means the primary industries on Reubel are of a simplistic nature - hunters and farmers make up the bulk of the communities on the surface. Service industries exist on Indigo, which is a popular hub for tourists and travellers alike.

The official Imperium Safety Classification for Reubel (and Indigo) is Amber. This is the nature of border worlds in the Nomexis Sector, which are infrequently beset by pirates and privateers with ill-intent. The safety afforded by the large concentration of Imperium forces in the system still allows the tourism industry here to thrive.

Security Classification: Amber

Trade Routes: Drura

Information Routes: Drura

Government: Reubel is ruled by democratic process. A wing of Indigo is dedicated to the Reubel Senate, a group of elected officials that oversees governance of the few settlements on the planet. Due to the Imperium’s jurisdiction aboard Indigo and the relatively tiny number of Reubel natives who live on the planet’s surface, the Senate is almost entirely powerless.