UWP: A250846-10 TC De Po

Description: A waterless planetoid covered in a combination of industrial and urban sprawl. The population here is destitute, and the hub of Motoko City is teeming with drifters and wanderers. Factories run non-stop, spewing byproduct into the air and contributing to a layer of smog that covers most of the planet.

The highlight of Tidru is the massive starport/orbital over the planetoid. It contains a Traveller’s Aid Society hostel and an Imperial Consulate, it also contains a disproportionate amount of the wealthier residents of Tidru.

Tidru is one of the major manufacturing hubs of the subsector and it sees a large volume of industrial traffic, along with a large volume of criminal activity.

Security Classification: Green

Trade Routes: N/A

Communication Routes: Riti-Biqua, Druzil

Government: The people of Tidru are represented by a group of elected officials. Their numbers come disproportionately from the residents of the starport (that is, the wealthier residents) and they are wholly dedicated to keeping the industries of Tidru running efficiently and generating as much profit for the government as possible. A common complaint is that surface-dwelling citizens are treated as a tool rather than as individuals.