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UWP: C589142-8 SRG Lo

Description: A Mars-sized oceanic world of little strategic importance. The sole population of this world resides in Mobile Research Platform “Deuterium”; a massive, mostly-automated rig that propels itself along the oceans, performing scans of the wildlife and topography. Deuterium itself doubles as a starport - accepting resource deliveries and Imperial scouting parties.

The robotic population of Deuterium is mostly what keeps it running. Maintenance robots scurry along the decks and keep equipment safe and secure; probes explore the ocean, capturing images and samples; and military-grade turrets keep the platform secure.

Deuterium represented a massive undertaking when it was constructed - sponsored by the Imperium, Mithras Industries spent a great amount in an attempt to make a fully-automated research base. While the project was technically a failure, the corporation enjoys profits from hosting an Imperial Scout Base on the platform, along with exploiting and selling all of the discoveries Deuterium makes. Due to the size of the planet and the depth of its oceans, Deuterium is expected to function for a very long time before it becomes unprofitable.

Security Classification: Green

Trade Routes: Drura, Biropa, Iskender

Communication Routes: N/A

Government: Technically governed by the human population of Deuterium (A team of researchers and one Imperium-appointed governor), the government type of Vidru is heavily dependent on what the governor fills in on the Imperial census form.