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UWP: D8C0000-0 G Ba De A

Description: A huge, barren desert covers the planet of Warribi. The only highlight of this planet is the Highport, orbiting well above the corroding, insidious atmosphere that makes Warribi an incredibly dangerous place to visit.

Regarded as a ‘flyover’ point in this region of space, Warribi was briefly an area of scientific interest to the Imperium. Some foolhardy treasure hunters and explorers still make attempts at breaching the cloying, deadly atmosphere in search of riches. The primary use of Warribi now is a refuelling point for small time pilots and travellers who are making their way to Drura or Vidru.

Officially marked as Imperial Security Classification ‘Amber’ due to the hazardous environmental conditions on the surface. This warning is mostly ignored (and regarded as redundant anyway) due to the lack of people going to the surface.

Security Classification: Amber

Trade Routes: Drura

Communication Routes: N/A

Government: The closest thing to a government here is the Imperial Governor of the starport.