UWP: C451401-6 SG NI Po A

Description: A wild, lawless border world with danger written all over it. Large swathes of the surface are covered in desert, tiny parcels of land that have some source of drinkable water are also the locations of the only settlements on the world. The main Lowport stands in the middle of the capital, an urbanised town called Oasis. An Imperium Scout Base stands near the Starport, a monument to the planet’s history as a staging ground for expeditions into the systems beyond the spinward border of Nomexis.

The inhabitants of this hive of scum and villainy are mostly scum and villains. Crime is rampant and a black market thrives here. For this reason (and not the usual reason of it being a border world) the Imperium has classed this planet as Security Level Amber.

Pirates and brigands use this planet as a staging ground to attack neighbouring Reubel, and the trade route to Drura is considered very risky by most traders (Although also very lucrative - Drura’s goods are highly valued here). Travellers only come here if they want to associate with the lowest parts of Imperium’s society.

Security Classification: Amber

Trade Routes: Drura

Communication Routes: None

Government: Anarchy reigns in Whoqua. The closest thing to government are the warring criminal gangs that occupy the various towns across the surface. There is a near-permanent state of conflict here, and many towns (Including Oasis) are partitioned into ‘territories’ belonging to each of the main gangs.