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NEUMAYER (E58855A-5) Much like neighboring Hamedani, Neumayer has experienced periods of isolation from the wider interstellar community, but technological regression has not been so severe. This is mostly due to the peculiar social institution that developed on Neumayer: the Fessors. According to the historians, the first Fessors were those who re-organized the colony when it became clear that the supply ships were not coming. They scaled back the colony’s technology to an early industrial level, the highest that they calculated could be maintained with the initial colony’s resources. In time, the Fessors became a sort of semi-hereditary ruling class, and the colony gradually fissioned into a number of smaller settlements, known as Labs, each coalescing around a core of Fessors. These have split, merged, traded, and occasionally fought ever since, but there remains a certain openness, and people of all classes from peasant to Fessor can transfer between Labs with relative ease.